Wednesday, September 8, 2010

A Picture Worth a Thousand Words:


Steve Harkonnen said...

Too bad the artist forgot to add Monica Lewinsky on her knees up against Bill Clinton. That would've been the proverbial fart in church.

WomanHonorThyself said...

what a find Brooke! Thank u for fighting the fight and God bless you this Sept 11 and always my fellow patriot!! :)

Anonymous said...

Excellent, Brooke. Note how Johnson, Clinton, and others applaud Obama.


USA_Admiral said...

Great find!

cube said...

One good swift kick in the pants would be nice to see.

Brooke said...

Steve: Now there's a mental image I don't care to revisit. Ugh.

Angel: And you, my friend.

Mustang: EXACTLY. I loved that he did that. I also notice that W is looking away as if ashamed. He did a lot to set the stimulus crap and other socialist stuff in motion.

Ol' Abe looks like he's about to throw down!

USA: Thanks. I watched this and HAD to post it.

Cube: No, think potato chips... You can't have just one.