Saturday, September 11, 2010


Nine years later.

We're still dealing with Islamic terrorism.

Watch this in it's entirety:

I'm still angry. White hot angry. Why every single Islamist country isn't a smoldering wasteland is beyond my comprehension.

Here are the names of every single person murdered by Islam on 9-11. You can see a number, 2,976, but seeing every name listed is more impactive.

Also, I recommend going to this fine website, Domestic Divapaloosa. There is a wealth of posts and information and stories of 9-11 there.

See this; a big HELL YES. Why it isn't so is beyond me:

Also, see this. An oldie but goodie I hadn't thought of... Thanks, Beamish:


Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Some of us get it....sadly, most of us don't and are happy living like sheep.

Joe Conservative said...

The Left is still in denial over Islam. But hey, that's THEIR problem!

USA_Admiral said...

I concur Brooke, still white hot about all of it.

Angela said...

You're going up as #28 on my list. Thank you so much for linking me. Everyone keep up the good work! We will NEVER EVER forget. {{{9/11}}}

BATMAN said...

"Why every single Islamist country isn't a smoldering wasteland is beyond my comprehension."

Political correctness run amuck.

Chuck said...

Why every single Islamist country isn't a smoldering wasteland is beyond my comprehension.

I agree. Reform or rubble. They get to choose.

The Penn and Teller video was great.

The bacon tower idea has merit but the original tower idea hit the mark.

I always thought that we should have pulled the old blueprints and rebuilt the towers right down to the same bathroom fixtures.

Nothing would have said "go to Hell" like that.

Brooke said...

Thank you all for stopping by.

I haven't checked the news yet today. Gotta find out if the Koran burning was a thing that happened.

I hope the 9-12 rally goes well today. I believe AOW is going?

WomanHonorThyself said...

right on Brooke..never forget girl. God bless:)

Z said...

oh, come on, Brooke, if we're just nice to them, they'll go away...
well, that's what Obama thinks..isn't he right? :-)

Sam Huntington said...

I agree with a comment I saw at Chuck's: you should run for president!

cube said...

The appeasement route will only embolden this enemy.

Believe me, I'm white hot mad about it all myself. I showed the Penn & Teller video to Mr. Cube and he promptly shared it with his friends. P&T mirror exactly how we feel.

President Brooke does have a nice ring to it ;-)

BTW I didn't come by earlier because I spent a long weekend with a stomach bug that knocked me on my butt.

Steve Harkonnen said...

The use of airliners as weapons. I can see that happening again very easily.

Brooke said...

President Brooke... Hm.

I've got a few more years before I'm Constitutionally eligible.

Wait a minute. Screw that. It's not like the current pres cares about Constitutionality or like I'd have to produce a birth certificate to prove my age, anyway.

beamish said...

You can run in the 2012 Kakistocratic Dystopian Party Primaries against me, Brooke. :P

Brooke said...

HA! :)