Tuesday, September 7, 2010


Obama says that his critics "talk about me like a dog."

Really, Mr. pResident? That's insulting to dogs. My puppies have far more integrity and competence than Obama does.

Gratuitous doggy photo:

Those are my girls! :)

I find it hilarious that Obama had the gall to say what he did. He's supposedly a dog owner; how must he speak to Bo? (If he does at all.) I don't talk to my dogs badly. There's no need to... But Obama probably treats animals (and people) poorly because he cannot command enough respect to get a dog to so much as sit, so he must yell and insult and intimidate to get results.

Besides, didn't Obama call black people "sort of a mongrel people" on The View awhile back? Did he just call black people dogs? WTF?!?


beamish said...

Looks like that dog is walking him. Even two-handed, Obama's forearm muscles are taut and struggling to hold the end of a leash and he's hunched over like he's hanging on for dear life... pulled by a dog that can't weigh more than 30 pounds if it even breaks 20.

Obama should give up golf and basketball and engage in an athletic activity. Get some power in those strings hanging out of his sleeves.

Steve Harkonnen said...

Judging from the photo of him and his pooch, he doesn't even qualify being a dog person.

We own two adorable pugs, but they're experts in the art of begging - something I need to turn around soon!

Brooke said...

Beamish: I have a 115 or so pound Great Dane as and a Pitt Bull who pound for pound probably outdoes the Dane for strength and speed.

I don't tolerate such crap from EITHER dog.

Obama is a sad specimen. Although he is definitely spindly, you don't even have to be an athlete to command respect and convey leadership. That he can't even get that from a dog... No wonder Dinny and Hugo laugh up their sleeves at us!

You are right, though. He should get off of the wussy bike that he rides around and maybe get a single speed fixie with a tight gear, and lift some weights after he's done with that!

Steve: My dogs don't beg, as I see begging as a challenge and I won't permit it, but they are lightning fast when one of the kids drop so much as a crumb!

That's not to say I'm mean with the puppies... They definitely get lots of patting, playing and love! The Pitt LOVES a belly rub and that's the one thing I can't refuse her when she flips on her back. Too cute!

The Dane LOVES getting an ear rub, to the point that she does this hilarious growly-grunt noise. :)

(An aside which is obligatory with the gratuitous doggy pics: When we first got the Pittie, she was deadly fearful of having her nails clipped. I sure wasn't going to pay a groomer, but she fought and ran and hid. I put her on a leash and she twisted like a fish, so I took the leash in the bathroom, closed the door and put my knees on it so she'd have NO wiggle room. It took an hour and two tore up knees due to multiple escape attempts, but eventually she submitted and each time became easier. I can now clip nails with no difficulty.

She was also food aggressive with our Dane; she would snarl and curl the lip, ect., so I simply walked over and without yelling picked up the bowl and stared her down. This happened twice. She now shows no aggression and will actually wait patiently for our Dane to drop food from her jowls so she can scrounge it. LOL!

It's all about establishing who's the master... Something Obama has no clue about. )

Brooke said...

I SO want a Pug! :)

Brooke said...

Oh, and both dogs are adoptees with abusive previous owners. Lots of crap to overcome!

Chuck said...

Good point on how he talks to his dogs.

So, either "they" are talking to Obama politely or he isn't talking this way to his dog. Which is it?

cube said...

BO is not a dog person. BO is only a BO person.

Love your girls. They are beauties.

We have a 102+ lb. German shepherd female and a 50+ lb. Doberman female. God help us if we didn't establish some ground rules. They'd run all over us. Even my dog niece, who is a pitt, abides by our rules when she's at our house.

BTW our Dobie does the growly-grunt noise when we rub her head.

Brooke said...

I remember you posting a pic of Dax. I'm sure you must miss her!

The Dobie sounds cool! My mom has one from a rescue.

Pitties are great family dogs. The media really smears them unfairly!

I'm also partial to Rotties. :)