Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Outrage Links Roundup

The next two days bring 12.5 hour shifts at the hospital, so while I could make an elaborate post I will instead put up some links which I hope you will follow.

Be prepared to be pissed.

First, Oops he did it again... Supposed Constitutional Scholar Barack Hussein Obama again leaves out The Creator. 

Twice definitely cannot be a mistake.

Second, the UN once again proves its farcical uselessness and why the US would pull out and banish them from our soil if we had any kind of sense:

Nuclear rouge Pakistan now chair of IAEA. 

Also, the UN is appointing a Malaysian scientist to be the coordinator/ambassador in case aliens contact Earth. 


Finally... SEIU voter fraud in TX? Well, leftists gotta get ready for November, eh?

Well, see you all in a couple of days!


cube said...

'Nuclear rouge Pakistani now chair of IAEA'... does he wear mascara & lipstick too? ;-)

Just kidding.

Nothing the anti-American org known as the UN surprises me. We should defund their butts and have them move elsewhere.

As far as Obama's omission of the word 'Creator', I believe he totally intended it the first time as much as the second time.

Have fun at work. Be glad you have a job.

Silverfiddle said...

Why would Obama do such a thing? Is he being purposely provocative, or is he reading it the way he thinks it should be? Doesn't matter, it's scary.

Krystal said...

I believe in aliens.

Now where is that foil hat for my cat...?

Alligator said...

The aliens have already landed are among us. The UN, social progressives, libs, lefties, all of their philosophy is alien to the Republic and Judeo-Christian heritage.

Brooke said...

We can't spell 'em all right. ;P

Thanks for stopping by to share the fury, all!

Susannah said...

SF: I think you're right - he's being intentionally provocative - because he thinks he CAN. He has bought his own campaign slogan...makes me even madder & ready to go out & rustle me up some conservative voters!

Hey, do you think they let you camp out @ the polling places? I REALLY want to be the FIRST in line on Nov. 2.

Alligator said...

Obama is provocative because he is a true believer. As a community organizer, that is what he did. He agitated "the people" to "stick it to the man." He knows no other way and he is as angry and frustrated with us as we are with him. The difference is, he tried to pose as someone else during the election, and the MSM gave him the smoke screen he needed.