Sunday, January 4, 2009

Protesters Prove Stupidity Worldwide

You may recall my post on violent Islamist protestors telling Jew and Israel to "go back to the ovens" a few days ago. This occurred in Florida.

Proving yet again that Pro-Psuedostinan protesters worldwide have the mental capacity of a goldfish, morons hit the streets of Sydney, Australia. 

I suppose no one has informed them that Bush isn't in charge of the Israeli military? 

More protesting shows us that Democrats might have been mistaken about that whole romantic notion that Obama will repair America's reputation... 

It seems that pro-Islamist types hate America no matter who's at the helm.

Not to be outdone, of course, smug Eurotrash hit the streets from London to Germany to Cyprus.

In London, protesters threw shoes at PM Gordon Brown's estate in a pathetic copy-cat display... As if Brown has any say whatsoever in Israeli policy, other than the dhimmi move of calling Israel Saturday, asking them to stop killing terrorists. 

The protestors then carried a Psuedo-stinian flag to Trafalgar Square:

Yes, the picture above was taken in London, not some third-world Islamist hellhole... No, wait. London just might be a third-world Islamist hellhole by now. Never mind.

One self-hating Jewish protester at Trafalgar had this to say, taken from this source, emphasis mine: 

Police estimated the crowd in London at 10,000 to 12,000, but organizers said the number was much higher. (Don't they always? LOL!) The marchers included activist Bianca Jagger, ex-Eurythmics singer Annie Lennox (Oh, good. Now I can take that best-of CD and start using as a coaster.) and comedian Alexei Sayle.

"As a Jew, it's very moving to see so many people who are so outraged at Israel's actions," Sayle said. "Israel is a democratic country that is behaving like a terrorist organization."

I tell you what, honey. How about you tolerate your Muslim next door neighbor hurling grenades though your front door every day for months on end, and then we'll ask you how tolerant and forgiving you feel? Don't you dare respond! You wouldn't want anyone to think you're a terrorist! 

Not to worry though, folks. I'm sure that once Obama is actually in office, things will be magically transfomed: 

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