Monday, July 21, 2008

Insanity Roundup

In order not to give the appearance of being afflicted with a terminal case of ADD, I usually try to keep my posts to just one subject at a time.

Today I couldn't help myself.

First, we have the High Priest of Climatology Al Gore (as usual) not exactly practicing what he preaches:

Next, we have Obama fresh off his tour of the 57 States planning on being President for the next eight to ten years. (Maybe no one's told him that whole voting thing hasn't happened yet.)

I wonder if that was just another little oopsie, or if he's planning on a little Constitutional editing?

And, if you're hungry and you'll bring the syrup, Obama is serving a rather generous helping of waffles:

Last but not least, we have the Islamists up to bat with another example of what it means to be sunnah.

HAIL: In the latest twist to a high-profile marriage in this central Saudi city, a 64-year-old man has announced that he would wait five years to consummate his marriage with his 10-year-old bride.

According to local newspapers yesterday, the man — who has already paid a SR100,000 dowry to the father of the girl and signed the marriage contract — now says he would wait until the girl is 15 to complete the marriage.

Well, that's mighty white of him! Of course, if we take him at his word that he really will wait (which I doubt) that means he'll still be having sex with a fifteen-year-old girl once he's 69 years old whom he bought and forced marriage upon.

I would call that rape, by the way. 

But hey, I guess that women's rights are relative, huh? 

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