Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Podemos Si...

Obama spoke at the La Raza conference yesterday, where he cast our immigration officials as terrifying thugs who rejoice in destroying lives.

Children coming home to find themselves alone with no one to care for them? Nursing babies being ripped from their mother's breast?!?  Our law and immigration officers are terrorists?!?


This is total bullshit. Obama is an outright liar! 

The next time you hear a Democrat invoke the "right-wing politics of fear," try not to literally choke him to death when the hypocrisy drives you temporarily insane.

(Oh, and ice agents? Doesn't he mean I-C-E agents?)

Although not in this clip, when Obama addressed La Raza, he translated the name of the group  to "the People" in English.

In a hilarious bit of irony, the man who insisted that I make sure my children had better be able to speak Spanish cannot speak it himself, or apparrently even use a Spanish to English dictionary.

La Raza does not mean "the people," it means "the Race."

In another bit of irony which is more sickening than funny, we have a black man (the first to run for the highest office in the nation) begging like a dog for votes before an inherantly racist organization who would just as soon see every single person not of Hispanic descent go back to where they came from.

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