Monday, June 11, 2007

Puppy Update

I've got another amusing puppy story...

So there we are, Mr. NeoCon driving the car, the kids in the back, and the puppy sitting on my lap after visiting the vet yesterday for his next-to-last round of puppy vaccinations, when I get a very sudden, very warm feeling on my chest and lap...

The puppy barfed on me.

Not to get too awfully graphic, but the reason for the barfing was evident in the stomach contents: a lot of long bird feathers.

Luckily, being a mother of three means that I had a spare shirt in the trunk, so Hubby pulled over at a gas station and took command of the puppy. Much to my dismay, the station had no public restrooms, but the attendant took pity on me upon seeing the state of my shirt, and let me use the employee restroom. LOL!

We got home for additional cleaning up, and hubby canvassed the back yard for any bird wreckage, and found none. The only thing we can figure is that, at a mere 11 weeks old, Ivan managed to sneak up on a bird and tear out his tail feathers before he escaped.

That's my little killer!

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