Friday, June 8, 2007

A Day (And Night) Out On The Town!

Blogging will be light here for a little while.

The hubby and I have secured babysitting for all three kids and dogs, and will be spending all afternoon and evening out by ourselves for the first time since... Well, since I don't remember when!

The coup de grace of our excursion: Two tickets to see Glenn Beck live at Columbus,OH tonight!

I'm giddy!


Well, we're back, and had an absolute blast!

I don't think we've had any time away from the kids since right after Christmas, and we had twelve hours of couple time on Friday! We had dinner before the show, walked around the state building in Columbus, and then literally across the street to the theatre! After that we stopped for a drink and dessert.

Glenn was hilarious! He put on a two-hour comedy routine that had me laughing to the point of making little squeaky noises.

At the end of the show, Glenn brought out a tee shirt that had the image of Al Gore made to look like the infamous Che shirt. Unfortunately, he can't sell them due to copyright infringement. (It seems that Che's family is just a little more capitalist than he was...)

He tossed a few out into the audience, and although we had good seats, we were a bit too far back for one. Darn it.

If any of you ever have the opportunity to see Beck live, DO IT! It's worth every single cent!

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