Monday, June 18, 2007

Here We Go Again

Here's a story that's good for a few laughs:

The prestigious New York Post is running a story about a Las Vegas madame and that got busted for dealing and pimping... and who dropped Bill Clinton's name as a client, among others.

An accused Sin City madam, Esperanza Brooks, 36, dropped their boldfaced names as she bragged about having high-powered clientele while being secretly recorded by an undercover cop, according to a Las Vegas police report made public this week by the department.

"These are not your average girls. Some of them have worked with Bill Clinton," Brooks told an undercover officer while assuring him of her girls' cleanliness, according to the Vegas police report. The Post's Marianne Garvey also reports Brooks boasted to cops that she had 40 women working for her.


But legal experts were shocked at the unprofessionalism of the Vegas cops for allowing the unsubstantiated and wild claims about O'Neal and Clinton to be included in public documents. "The Vegas police allowed a criminal suspect to defame two prominent men while she didn't even know she was being recorded," said criminal defense lawyer Ed Hayes. "This would never happen in New York."


Hillary must be having an utter fit right now... Either Bill has gotten caught philandering again, or at the very least, the Las Vegas police have caused her campaign some embarrassment.

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