Thursday, June 7, 2007

On The Anniversary Of D-Day

The news story broke on the anniversary of D-Day.

Look at what a reminder the Earth has given us.

From this source:

GAS workers in Ukraine uncovered a mass grave dating from World War II that could contain up to 5000 Jewish victims of the Nazis.

The grave was discovered last month as workers were digging to lay a gas line in the village of Gvozdovka, about 300km from Kiev, said Roman Chvartsman, the head of the former ghetto prisoners association.

According to first estimates and based on accounts from several local people, it could contain up to 5000 bodies of Ukranian and Moldavian Jews executed by the Nazis in 1941, Mr Chvartsman said.

Ukraine has more than 300 common graves in the former ghettos and Nazi concentration camps, but Mr Chvartsman said the newly discovered grave does not feature on official records.

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