Friday, June 15, 2007

I Can't Take It...

I just can't take it. I wake up and turn on the computer, and see that Hamas and Fatah are joining up, and that El Presidente Jorge Bush is all for them getting even more Israeli land.

Of course, while all this is going on, El Presidente and his corrupt Congress are trying to give away the power of We The People. How many times must we tell these asshats NO AMNESTY?

My guess is that it doesn't matter; they couldn't care one whit what we want. They care only for their own hides and whatever votes they can get.

Then there's the War in Iraq... An utter debacle by the government, who refuses to fund or allow our soldiers to kick the arse they were sent there to kick.

Five more soldiers have been murdered by terrorists, and we let it slide again, rather than utterly decimating the area that the terrorists were firing from.

I don't care if the terrorists are firing from a civilian area, a mosque, or while standing on top of the bones of the Pedophile Mohammed himself... KILL THEM!!!

So, instead of losing what I have left of my sanity over the weekend, I'm going to finish up with this picture of a pygmy rabbit:

Ahhh... Now that's cute, warm and fuzzy.

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