Friday, October 19, 2012

Who Won the "First Lady Debate"?

By now I'm sure quite a few of you have seen the Jimmy Kimmel bit where idiots are asked to expound  on who won the second presidential debate... before it happened.

If you haven't seen it, here you go. Make sure you're sitting down.

Kimmel decided to up the ante after that amazing display; he asked Cali schmucks who won the "First Lady debate":

Ladies and gentlemen, be afraid. Be very, very afraid.


Anonymous said...

OBAMA does not attend security and intelligence briefings. This is widely reported and it's true. It's entirely possible that his narcissistic focus simply meant that he didn't bother with the warnings because he didn't care.

And yes those warnings and concerns via Libya WERE in the National Intelligence Daily (his classified security briefing that was available from the CIA). Though they are classified and won't be released to the press.
Any other explanation is pure Bull-Shit ...Period.

USA_Admiral said...

I really think that this country is doomed. And I had to bring a child into the world. Now she has to live in a world filled with imbeciles.

How clueless can people be?

No one can connect to these morons.

Lying is the new norm in America today it appears.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

I think Ann Romney won hands down ... Am I right?

cube said...

This isn't just scary stupid, it is scary. It reveals an underlying character that is repulsive with its facility to lie rather than tell the simple truth.

I hope these liars are few and far between in our population, but I fear that they're far more prevalent than that.

Brooke said...

Anon: I agree.

USA: Train that baby to use her eyes, ears, and brain. What Romney said about the 47% is correct; we must teach our children to rise above them.

Odie: Well, she did on that harpie nest called The View, anyway!

Cube: Not only are these folks liars, but they are BRAINWASHED. They figure they can just make some shit up WITH AN ABSOLUTELY STRAIGHT FACE to support their side! And get away with it!

Scary, indeed!

Thersites said...
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Thersites said...

The inefficacy of polling exposed again... ;)

Chuck said...

The sad part is some of these people vote.

Do we need an IQ test for voting? We would virtually eliminate the chance of a Dem getting elected.

Brooke said...

Thersites: YES!!! Some of the pollsters that call our house are dumfounded when I explain to them why their questions are blind set-ups.

They must be accustomed to the above crowd.

Chuck: The IQ test angle makes me cringe because of the 'literacy tests' in the South, but after watching video after video of these buffoons I'm starting to think we very well may need it!

Alligator said...

USA - don't think that way. Your daughter may grow up to be part of the solution.

The eyebrow guy in Kimmel's audience had absolutely no sense of embarrassment or shame at being caught in a bald faced lie. Instead he just yucked it up and laughed it off.

The one that surprised me was the Ann Romney supporter. But then every group will have some dishonest people in it. Yeah, I know its not scientific, but based on Kimmel's shtick you can say the average Obama supporter is more likely to lie and fabricate than the average Romney supporter.

Like father, like son.