Friday, October 26, 2012

No matter what you think of Glenn Beck, please, please watch these two videos. They give a father's account of the aftermath of his son's death in Benghazi:

I don't know what to say. This administration is absolutely criminal; they are callous murderers. 

God help us if Obama is reelected.


USA_Admiral said...

He and his administration are the most evil of evil.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

He needs to be impeached, put into prison, and into a cell with "Bubba".

cube said...

These acts are not just criminal, they're also un-American.

Brooke said...

A whole lot of people need to go to prison. And that's the kindest thing that could happen!

Always On Watch said...

Fox News is covering this information. But the mainstream TV news is not!

Brooke said...

AOW, you are SO right! I have a client who has no computer, and only basic TV; no cable.

I crap you all negative, she went on a pro-Obama rant yesterday. She said Romney was a liar, he was going to take away her social security and send all the jobs to China, ect...All of this with the most hateful attitude you could imagine.

Now, we're not supposed to talk politics with clients, but I got to where I couldn't take it anymore.

On the SS, I calmly asked here where she'd heard that. She said, "From him! From Romney!"

I asked if she'd watched all three debates, and the VP debate. She said yes, but I could tell she was clearly lying. Couldn't look me in the eye when she said it.

So I told her that had she been watching the debate, she would have known that Romney doesn't plan to take anything away from her, rather, Obama will cut Medicare, ect to pay for Obamacare. FACT. And that for younger people like me, he wants to allow us to invest our SS dollars.

Her rebuttal: "Well, he was lying."

So on shipping jobs overseas, I asked what she thought of Solyndra, and why the GM bailout has resulted in fruitful dealerships being forced to close their doors (We have one in this town, so she couldn't argue that. Luckily, they have done alright converting to a used dealership.) and why more GM vehicles are being manufactured in China.

She said that wasn't Obama's fault.

FINALLY, she said that if Obama looses and Romney wins, she hopes that she dies soon! I'm NOT making that up! I asked her why on Earth she would base her desire to live on whether a man she'd never met and who likely wouldn't give her the time of day wins or looses office.

She said it would be better than "living under that liar."

So, I asked her if, speaking of liars, what her thought were on the Benghazi scandal.

She looked me, confused, square in the face and said, "The what?"

Then, "Well, I already voted, anyway."

At that point, I gave up. I told her she should look it up and inform herself properly.

Ladies and Gentlemen, THAT is your typical uniformed Obama voter. Vehemently ignorant!

Radical Redneck said...

The Coward in the White House Knew! Obama and his gang of cowards watched the drone feed live pictures of American citizens being killed and our Ambassador being tortured in Bengazi. All the time they knew it was an Islamic terrorist attack, because they watched it as it happened. But they thought it would be easier to invent a stupid story about a video. Our fighter jets were only 1 hour away. And the attack lasted for 7 hours, and they did nothing to save them. Obama went to sleep that night, flew out to a Las Vegas fundraiser the next day, and spent the next two weeks LYING to the American people about it all over the TV and on Late Night Talk Shows, and then he went to the UN and lied some more. It is inconceivable that the President of the United States would be able to just go to sleep under those conditions.
And then he instructed Hillary Clinton, Susan Rice and Jay "Clown" Carney to continue to repeat the lie !
Thank you for your service Tyrone Woods. I was definitely planning to vote for Romney anyway, but in your memory, I will be proud to.

Alligator said...

Obama has turned out to have a far worse character than I would have imagined even six months ago. And my opinion of him was about as low as it could go then.

If this country foolishly reelects him, then I will say we deserve every hardship we are going to experience. It's not just him, it is all the people around him too, and who he appoints. The economy will go south and there will be World War III in the Middle East before it is all over.

Brooke, why the heck is Ohio tied in a dead heat? That many lefties there?

Brooke said...

RR: You've pretty much covered it. These people are so evil, so vile, that I haven't words to describe it!

Gator: You're probably right, I fear.

Here in Ohio there aren't too many lefties where I live; just a handful like the one I described in the comment above. Vehemently ignorant people.

The trouble in Ohio is what I call the big three C's: Cleveland, Columbus and Cincinnati. That is where all of your leftist congregate.

Not so much here in the southwest, but up in the northeast it's like a foreign country, and an enemy one at that.

Brooke said...

Now we have Lt. Col. Tony Shaffer claiming he has a source that says Obama was in the room watching the attack.

So perhaps even his super-lame and negligent 'went to bed' excuse is a lie, too!

sarah tera tit off said...

Our consulate was attacked with heavy weaponry and then burned to the ground. The American public knew from day one it was a terrorist attack. But we were told that it was just a protest that got out of hand. That’s what the President told us the morning after. And he sent his Secretary of State Ms Hillary Clinton another one who couldn’t lie with a straight face. And for some odd reason he also sent our the UN Ambassador and had her appear on 5 different Sunday News Talk Shows where she also lied like a rug Everyone knew it except the President that it was really a Terrorist Attack ala September the 11th. .
He also said the people who did it would be tracked down and brought to justice. Dear Leader has been caught in a historic lie that will certainly have very large consequences if there is still any good left in this country of ours. . This whole attack was blamed on a ridiculous, elementary school style video uploaded to Youtube in July. The administration LIED TO ALL OF US that this was the reason for the attack. Our free speech was assailed as the reason that our ambassador and three others were killed. You need to come out of your kool aid induced stupor and wake up. This IS Obama’s undoing…as it should be. He has blood dripping from his dirty filthy hands.
Obama didn’t protect them, plain and simple. Four Americans died because of his incompetence. He claims it was all because of a video because it fits his narrative that everything is fine in the Middle East. Our economy sucks and we look weaker now than at any point in history. You notice how he claimed the Fort Hood shootings were “workplace violence” even though there was intelligence he was in contact with radical Muslims? The administration wanted to be able to say there were never any acts of terrorism on Obama’s watch but that hope has withered away.