Sunday, October 14, 2012

Romney Rally, Lebanon, OH

Yesterday my husband, children and I attended the Romney rally at Lebanon, OH. It wasn't overly long, but it was fun and energizing.

I took a few pics, and will include a few short thoughts. I won't go into it too deeply, as I had a particularly rough/sad day at work this morning.

When we first got there it was a couple of hours early. We still had to walk a bit, but not too much. After getting in the admission line, this was one of the first things we saw:

I'll let the idiocy of that pic speak for itself.

Next we got to the gate. I was a bit surprised to see these clowns in charge of security; it didn't leave me with an overwhelming confidence for the candidate's safety.

Don't worry, though. I didn't get molested... Just my cell phone and jacket got an intensive pat-down.

Real security was elsewhere, of course:

I do have to say that the city set up the venue very, very poorly. It was on the historic town's main street, and the media tent was so inexplicably close to the stage that only a couple hundred out of thousands could see the speakers in person.

We retreated a bit to get out of the crush between the storefronts and the media tent to right behind it where a jumbo monitor was set up. This was a whole lot less claustrophobic. Still, the atmosphere was electric!

The reason for the venue was that it just had to be in front of The Golden Lamb restaurant, which is Ohio's oldest Inn and Eatery. Our Congressman, Steve Chabot's grandparents purchased what was left of the Inn, which had become little more than a low-rent boarding house and restored it to its prior charm and splendor with a mere $2,000. Yes, Mr. Obama, they did build that. 

While we were there we saw a group of energetic people of all ages and ethnicities. The crowd was polite and clean; not a scrap of trash was to be found and everyone treated their fellow man with courtesy.

On the way out we saw vendors, of course. Some had the chintzy cheap stuff that was intended to make a quick buck. I kid you not, one young guy was hocking Mitt Romney oven mitts out of a plastic child's wagon. Some of the merchandise was very nice, though. A few framed pieces of art depicting this nation's history that were well done. I wouldn't have minded hanging one on my living room wall, but the budget just wouldn't allow. Most folks were selling shirts and the like.

There were also pamphleteers. (I picked up a few good ones.) There were also people with clever signs and a few cosplayers to boot:

A wonderful afternoon, overall. Here is Romney's talk, if you're interested. It is a shame that the crowd noise can't always be heard; it was very interactive!


Z said...

THOSE are the GUARDS at an event like that? HOly COW!!
But, of course, there's the sharp shooter on the roof!! (in Paris, one always can see a glint of sun on rifle on top of event needed!)

TERRIFIC shots, glad you took them and shared them.

Mustang said...


Brooke said...

I should have mentioned; one of the best lines came from the Warren Co. commissioner who began the event. He said something along the lines of, "Vote early, but not often. Remember, we're not a bunch of Democrats here."

The crowd hooted and laughed, and at the time it was quite funny. Of course, once I thought about it, the videos Z and I posted, the last election... It is angering to realize that fraud is EXPECTED from the Dems, and we're making jokes instead of roasting the perps!

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

We live in a mail in ballot district. I received my ballot on Friday. I can't wait to send that thing in.


Radical Redneck said...

So lets talk about Benghazi, I’d love to. I for one have had it with these sick, twisted, brain dead leftist/progressive radicals who are so blinded by their ideology that they don’t even care about the security of this nation, and will do everything say anything including backing up the lies of their beloved leader and then support his re-election. . It is absolutely outrageous how far they will go. Just listen to them here on these blogs and just read the CRAP on their own blogs You would think that Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan was running this country and having their Secretary of State and their UN Ambassador parading out in frunt of the TV cameras LYING this ass’s off for the sake of their Messiah. They are extremely dangerous to this country, and must be voted out. Obama told us that he wants to bring the perpetrators to justice. How about bringing his own Administration to Justice?
This is worse than Watergate, no one at Watergate was murdered, and Watergate was not an Act of War! I hope that Romney and Ryan calls these liars out in front of the nation and the world, and lets the world hear the facts in no uncertain terms.
And that Smirking Monkey Biden saying that it was the fault of the Republicans for cutting the funds for security at the embassy. Another lie by that Smirking Jerk.
This bunch of people are so incompetent it’s a wonder that more people haven’t died. If Obama, Hillary and Rice had the love for their country that Nixon did and if they had any class the three of them would step down, and the news media should be harping about this nonstop. It’s time for a statesman like Romney to be put in office and not the Liberal/Progressive gang of hoodlums.
And another thing: They blamed a stupid video for this attack, instead of calling it what it was, a terrorist attack. And by saying that it was the “Video” that cause the other riots all over the Mid-East on our Embassy’s. If you recall, there were about 25 other riots following the ones in Libya and Egypt, because of Obama telling them about the “Film” prior to that these scum-bags didn’t even know that a “Film” even existed.

Brooke said...

Odie: A mail in district? Wow! Send it in! I've never voted early before, but I'm considering it this time. The BOE isn't far from me...

RR: I won't make a long response, because you've nailed it.

Always On Watch said...

Excellent photo essay!

Mr. AOW and I went to see Romney last summer her in Northern Virginia. I have to say that Romney is much better in person than on the television screen. He comes across as much warmer in person. And I'm not the only one who has so stated. Commenter "B" at my site -- he's not a Romney supporter -- and whom I met at the Romney rally last summer noted the same about Romney's presence in person.

Brooke said...

Thanks, AOW!

I tend to agree; Romney seems to be more comfortable speaking to a crowd than to a camera... Something I hope he doesn't have a problem with tonight!

cube said...

Thanks for sharing your experience, Brooke.

My folks don't get around as easily as they used to, so I made sure they got mail-in ballots. My youngest is out of state at university, so I made sure she got her ballot, too. The rest of my family will crawl over broken glass to get to the voting booth.

Brooke said...

Me, too, Cube.

Thanks for helping your parents and child!

Average American said...

That was one EXCELLENT clip Brooke. Thanks!