Thursday, October 4, 2012

BHO's New Theme Song

After last night's debate, I think this is very appropriate. Hell, they should play it at the next debate when Barry Barack Hussein Soetoro Obama walks out:

(h/t AWD)

Meanwhile, Chrissy isn't getting a tingle up his leg anymore:

Nope, Chrissy. It certainly wasn't an MSNBC debate, was it? Bwaahaaaaaaa!!!


cube said...

That song gave me the blues just hearing it. Here's to hopin' my blues lift come November.

cube said...

I couldn't listen to Chrissy more than a few minutes, but what I did hear cause me to laugh.

Did we watch the same debate as the MSNBC crew?

Brooke said...

Cube: I'm starting to have a much better feeling than I did four years ago!

Chrissy watched the same debate; that's why he's so shrill and panicked!

Alligator said...

On the Nothin' Man - Obama has no great successes that he can run on, but make it Obama's theme song Romney needs to do this in the next two debates. But its not over until the fat lady sings and I wouldn't be surprised if Obama comes out next time down and dirty. A lot can still happen between now and November 6 and there are far more people on the government gravy train and enjoying than there were in 2008.

On Chrissy Tingles - this morning our local DJs were playing the audio of Chrissy whining over the sound of a crying baby in the background. I sure hope he cries like this in the next two debates as well. Romney may have a good shot then.

I have no illusions that Romney is going govern as a great conservative and pull the country out of the ditch. However, I think his head and heart are right enough to slow the car down so we don't roll over in the ditch. Obama will just put the pedal to the metal and wipe the car clean out.

Keads said...

Watching a verbal a** beating never felt so good. Watching the media get all butthurt was a plus.

Chuck said...

Just for fun I turned on MSNBC and CNN last night after the debate.

There were a lot of tight sphincters on both channels.

Brooke said...

Gator: On your first point, I think you're right and I pray that the people in Romney's camp are savvy enough to warn him, if he doesn't already suspect it himself.

I think, I HOPE, Romney realizes that BHO is a Chicago pol.

As for Tingles: I love seeing him all upset. It gives me a thrill up the leg. ;) Oh, and did you hear what Gore said?!? The altitude in Denver was to blame for Obama's loss?

How does one even respond to such insanity?

I don't think Romney is a rock-ribbed conservative, either... But he is a numbers man and I think that alone might help pull us back from the economic brink. Also, we know which candidate actually believes in and loves God and the Constitution... That alone makes Romney infinitely more desirable.

Keads: Ooooh, boy, it was cathartic, wasn't it?

Chuck: Heh. I wish I could've stayed up late like that... Dang work.

However, my first HHC client is a blithering Obama supporter who gets all of her info from Morning Joe. Yep. That's a joy to listen to while taking care of her. Then, she wants to get into a political conversation; I tried to be professional and deflect it...

She actually told me that Obama is going to save my govt' job, because Romney is going to raise taxes and cut gov't jobs!

I explained to her that while some of my clients are Medicare, my check is cut by a private employer; I would not be 'cut'. She then argued the fact that I really did have a gov't job and just didn't know it (I guess I'm too stupid to read my paycheck.) and that seniors were going to loose all their benefits and suffer.

I finally broke and asked her where she got that. SHE SAID FROM THE DEBATE!!!

She looked more than a little pissed and shut up after I asked her if we watched the same debate...

Always On Watch said...

If Romney wins the next debate, BHO is going to be in serious excrement.


I do look for Hussein to try to finesse the next debate. But, honestly, I don't think that he has what it takes to do so. We shall see.

Brooke said...

AOW: I'm hoping for the best. I don't think BHO has the finesse, either. I expect him to be mean, to shout over Romney and to do so after he states a unprovable 'fact' (lie).

Since the next debate is set into a town meeting forum, I also expect that BHO and CNN itself will have quite a few plants in the audience.

Yes, I am that cynical.

I hope Romney is ready to counter that.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

Uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh, uh .....

Z said...

"dominate the time?" Romney? When Obama had FIVE more minutes?
Romney pushed Lehrer around? When Lehrer kept getting Obama back on track? "So, Mr. President, what you're saying is......."

this was WAY too funny....

My Observations said...

Thanks to last Wednesday's first presidential debate we've been able to see the REAL Obama and we shouldn't be surprised that he' was a failure at the debate because he has been a complete failure all along but we just weren't able to see it behind the use of the Teleprompter and the cuddling of the media. All this time Obama has been an excellent Snake Oil Salesman only because of the lack of Vetting, and the media’s going along with all of his lies and covering up his failed policies. Remember when he called Rev. Wright his "spiritual mentor" and “his adviser”? Well why wasn’t he stopped right there and then? He is a user and a liar. He used Jeremiah Wright for political connections, knowing full well what he preached was RACIST, He then threw him, under the bus when the hear got too hot. Barack Obama has an NO explanation for his poor performance at Wednesday night's debate, that was the real Obama The other guy that we have been seeing and hearing was an impostor.
Talk about chickens coming home to roost, Obama’s Goose is Cooked.

Brooke said...

Odie: There is a UH, count on that.

Z: Obama clearly had more of an advantage with the moderator, and he still couldn't seal the deal.

Indeed, hilarious!

Now Obamazombies are, like, um, wondering why, like, the president shouldn't be allowed to, like, use his teleprompter. Y'know? 'Cause, it's like, way to hard to memorize a whole hour and a half of stuff, y'know?

It's sooooo unfair, man.


My Obs: Thanks for the visit; I agree with you. Obama is lost in the woods when left to his own and unable to lie while under a live tv microscope and pegged down by someone who can actually string a truthful sentence together.