Wednesday, October 10, 2012

So... I think the author of this article missed the point just a bit. How do clearly underaged kids, regardless of their political orientation, get registered to vote? Just ask your friendly local Democrat party. They tried it. Don't worry folks, I'm sure there's NO fraud going on here:

School Lets Dems Register Students to Vote, But Not GOP

Read the whole thing here.

I guess your dead grandpa and his dog's vote aren't enough... The left is now going after the Clearasil voting bloc.


USA_Admiral said...

Why does it not surprise me this happened in Florida?

There are so many radical socialist educators down here it is ridiculous.

They way they promote abortion we should have bread all the liberal turds out of the system by now.

The Political Chic said...

Isn't it ironic that when Obama was up in the polls, all we saw was gloating and bragging from the progressive bunch, but when the tables have turned things have gotten to be very silent. . How's that crow taste now, libbies?

After watching those Libyan hearing today , I'd say that it looks like Obama and Secretary of State Clinton are in deep doo doo.

No matter how much you liberals try and spin this one, the blame rests solely on the shoulders of the Messiah.
Obama is toast and Madam Hillary can forget about ever being elected the first woman president.

Chuck said...

Someone needs to lose their job over this. Our schools are not meant to bea breeding ground for the left.

Woodsterman (Odie) said...

OK, that explains the polls.

Brooke said...

Thanks all for coming by. This is how Obama will win if he does... Check out my next post.

Always On Watch said...

More of the Dems' election shenanigans. The Dem Party is famous and notorious for that! It a Party tradition!

cube said...

Pasco county is not far from where I live. I'm disgusted by these dirty tricks, but not surprised. Indoctrination of the young is a common commie tactic.

Brooke said...

AOW, Cube: Get 'em early and damn the cost!

Average American said...

"Indoctrination of the young is a common commie tactic. "

Don't believe it, just ask Hitler! That was EXACTLY how he rose to power.