Friday, June 24, 2011


Move along, nothing to see here. It's not like another batch of young, Muslim males were plotting another massacre on American soil or anything.

It's just another isolated incident.

Meanwhile, our so-called Commander-in-Chief cocks up remembering his first CMH recipient: 

If any other president had done this, would we not be hearing screeching about his disregard of the military and/or questions about his mental capacity?



Keads said...

Unreal Indeed!

ProudHillbilly said...

And there are 57 states, too.

Z said...

and I listened to the whole stupid thing because I wasn't smart enough to clink on your embed :=) Serves me right!
I can't believe he did that....what a terrible disservice to our fallen heroes.
I can't STAND the way he know that "aaaannndddd.." yuck

Oh, GAD, my word verification is KINGY (hardly!)

Brooke,'re right about the sarcasm at my place; I've GOT to always remember to say it's sarcasm! :-) xxx

tha malcontent said...

News Flash: I just heard that The House voted down giving Obama the authority to continue military action in Libya.

Brooke said...

Keads: Can you even wrap your mind around it?

This kind of disrespect to our men and women in uniform is absolutely mind boggling.

PH: Of course there are, because the One says there are.

Z, I can tell when you're being sarcastic, and I love it.

Mal: YEAH?!? I can't wait to see how this is spun!!!

cube said...

No wonder. Obama only cares about stuff that directly impacts him... everything else is unimportant in his eyes.

What is infuriating is the lack of attention this story is getting from our supposedly "free" press.

Always On Watch said...

I submit that drug abuse is one the reasons that Obama keeps making such mistakes that no President should ever make.

I note that the mainstream media here in America will not show these multiple errors Obama is making.

Meanwhile, Obama is back on the golf course at Andrews -- an area with the free marketing of crack and powder cocaine.

Brooke said...

Cube: It is unbelievable the lengths the MSM will go to in order to cover Obama's mistakes.

AOW: I would not at all be surprised if one day we find that Obama is on something. A mistake like this HAS to be a blackout moment!