Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Welcome to the Magnited States of America:

Definitely NSFW.

As Beamish pointed out, this is the future. 


beamish said...

That is pretty dumb.

I mean, she was kicked out without getting her money back, and no managers are busted up in the hospital with pavement embedded in their face?

The "Alamo Drafthouse" wouldn't last long outside of Austin, Texas.

beamish said...

aka the Cowboy San Fagcisco..

Brooke said...


Yeah, I wouldn't have ejected her nicely, either.

Nice would have been a lot of road rash and probably a dislocated shoulder.

cube said...

We know more than a couple of couples who should have had children but haven't. The tipping point is upon us.

Chuck said...

I get idiots like this on the phone.

I tell them once I will hang up if they do not stop swearing and then, I do it when they don't.

beamish said...

I hear ya Chuck. I've hung up on a few angry customers in my time.

On the other hand, is mocking angry customers for their feelings of being ripped off really a sound business and advertising model?

USA_Admiral said...

I just don't see the need to text or talk on the phone if you pay to see a movie in a theater?

I think were doomed as a society.

Brooke said...

Cube: Right. We have to teach our children to swear appropriately and with elegance. ;)

Chuck: So have I!

Beamish: I think it is a good business model when the customer is an incoherent moron who can't even get the name of the country in which she resides correct.

Plus, this also shows that you WILL have a moviegoing experience free of idiot cell phone users.

USA: Goldfish attention spans.

Alligator said...

I quit going to movie theaters because it seems there are always idiots like this within earshot or eye shot. Asking them politely to "tone it down" often gets a "don't you dis me!" in-your-face response. They don't give a crap that they are disrespecting you by creating a disturbance. Usually they are people in their 20s or teens and they are with their peers so they feel extra cocky.

I'd bet that that theater has a large sign up when you enter the premises. Some people can't or won't read or they simply believe it does not apply to them.

I'm like you Chuck, if a customer gets profane (not upset, profane), I tell them ONCE we will resolve their problem IF they remain civil. If they charge ahead, I tell them, very specifically, that since they choose to use that language, I'm hanging up or I tell them to leave my office. If they then threaten "to have my job" I give them the names and numbers of upper management. They never call.

This is small potatoes in the big scheme of things, but it is symptomatic of the social decay we are experiencing.

Brooke said...


Joe Conservative said...

I like theatres that enforce their no-phone policies. Annoying people SHOULD be thrown out.