Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Hump Day Roundup

First of all and most importantly, I would like to ask you all to keep Ray/EB in your hearts and prayers, as he has had an MI and is undergoing treatment.

I found so much stuff out there today that I could not decide on just one thing to post about, so instead I've come up with a list:

Australia shows a mind-boggling amount of foul dhimmitude:

Oh, the victims were asking for it. UNREAL. So, if this asshole Islamist has proven he can't handle Western civilization, are the Aussies now going to deport them and seriously reconsider the criteria used for bringing in immigrant Muslims?

I think we all know the answer to that one...

Next, we have a story that is poetic in it's justice. Of course, bagging the lopped off penis and hand-delivering it to the cops was probably the only way this woman escaped some barbaric Islamic 'justice':

Monju Begum is a married mother of three and warrior queen. She says her neighbor, Mozammel Haq Mazi, had been harassing her for months. Then he decided to go pro with his creepiness. He forced his way into her house in Bangladesh and tried to rape her...

We presume her husband was away, because Monju was left to fight him off on her own. And fight him off she did quite well, thank you.

As Mazi pulled out his effete penis in an attempt at forced copulation, Monju was able to grab a knife and cut the little bastard off, thus countering his maneuver. 

Mazi was rushed to the hospital, bleeding like a stuck rapist with his member removed. Monju, meanwhile, calmly placed the severed organ in a bad, then marched it down to the police station as proof that Mazi had tried to rape her.

Mazi, a father of five, has tried to claim that the two were having an affair and Monju wanted him to run away with her. But he refused, saying he couldn't leave his wife and children. So Monju cut off his wanger in a fit of jealousy.

We're not sure about you, but it seems to us that men rarely get their penis cut off for acts of nobility and steadfast marital devotion. Police say they plan to arrest Mazi as soon as he recovers. 

Doctors, fittingly, were unable to reattach his not-so-mighty sword.

More terrorism in the US... This example a mere stone's throw from where I hail. Anything from the MSM or local news around here? Nope.

This one is BIG. Have you heard much about the Iranian Parliament is turning on the Hitler of Iran?

You've all heard the term 'limousine liberal'. Under the Obama administration and specifically Clinton's State Dept., limousines owned by the Federal government has soared by 73%. 

But remember, according to Obama you can just sell your gas hog and buy a tiny econo-car if you don't like the price of gasoline. As for the Fed, well, you can just eat cake while they raise your taxes to pay for their  luxurious rides . 

Lastly, I usually do not care for Jon Stewart, but he's playing this WienerGate thing pretty fairly:


WomanHonorThyself said...

and we keep allowing them to immigrate here too..Lord help us all Brooke!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Chuck said...

I find this thing in Iran to be pretty fascinating. It will be interesting to see what happens there

Always On Watch said...

Doctors, fittingly, were unable to reattach his not-so-mighty sword.

Justice served!

Good round-up Brooke, but I don't have time right now to comment on each item.

Mustang said...

So now his neighborhood buddies will call him "Nobby." Justice served.

As to the Weiner probe, I have to agree with Stewart--is it time for some investigative journalism yet? You know, like when it was a member of the GOP who was behaving badly?

USA_Admiral said...

They are in my prayers.

Bag and tagged!

You wont hear about this on 0bama's watch from the old media.

Maybe Ahmma Dickhead has finally stepped in the shit of his own making.

How long will it take to fix 0bama's mess.

Stewart is a tool, but he is funny at times.

The Wiener story just gets crazier!

Brooke said...

Now Wiener is saying that he doesn't know if his pic is really um, his stuff.

I would think that if I took a pic of my breasts busting out of a skimpy bra and posted it I would recognize it later.

Just sayin'.

USA_Admiral said...

You would remember.

No doubt, he knows if it's his junk, in his underwear.

I can't figure out why any sane person would take pictures like that unless you meant to put it out there.

Brooke said...

I can't either. It's epic stupidity.

Z said...

Brooke, Stewart begging the media for investigations of anything Breitbart suggests is too funny for me to comment on. WHERE is Stewart when the left's screwed up and the media ignores it?
Breitbart's in trouble with the SHirley SHerrod thing (more than you know) and I think it was irresponsible of him to conjecture now when not enough's known. He's probably RIGHT but I'm a little worried for him after the flack he got for SHerod. He's a great guy and this bugged me.
Five bucks that this'll pass over within a week....Weiner gets off, no more questions asked.
as for the woman and the ...muslim WEINER? The Islamic Lorena Bobbitt!?
Did you read Opus's blog: a beautiful Muslim girl stoned to death for having participated in a beauty contest? MAN!

cube said...

Moslems sure know how to play the legal angles, don't they?

Weiner is getting grilled by the press, but he has wrapped his hands around the matter and has decided to stand firm, and get back to the hard work he was erect... er, elected to do.

beamish said...

I think I'm more disturbed by Jon Stewart's anecdotal evidence that he's seen Weiner's weener and isn't convinced the photo is the real thing.

Just another thing I didn't want to know about the left and what they do when they get together.