Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Kona Wants Breakfast

My Pitt Bull Kona loves her food. This is actually kind of mild:

That's Fortune in the back ground.


Brooke said...

After I uploaded this and proof-watched it Kona FREAKED out again when she heard me say 'feed the dogs' on the video, even though I just fed her. HEH.

beamish said...

What an amazingly obedient dog... she wouldn't eat until you said "okay."

cube said...

What a good girl! Cute, smart AND obedient.

She reminds me of Pumpkin, my dog niece, who is a brindle pitt and smart as a whip. We frequently dogsit her and she knows not to jump up on humans at our house like she does at her house.

At our house we can't say, "You want a treat?" or "You want to go outside?" without eliciting a similar response.

We used to have a German shepherd who would go so crazy at the word "park" that we had to spell it out "P-A-R-K" and then she learned that. She's gone, but not forgotten.

Our current German shepherd will bonk the dog food bag when she's hungry and bonk the doorknob when she has to go out. She's smart, but stubborn.

Our Doberman is a sweetheart, but dumber than a bag of rocks.

We have three crazy cats too, but that's another comment :-)

Z said...

I was yelling "SO SAY OKAY!" by the end of that video! :-)
Does Fortune wait and then get his/hers? Is there anything LEFT?
Boy, are your dogs well behaved!
And who knew a pit bull could jump with all four feet off the ground!
Very cute!

Brooke said...

Beamish: Kona is wonderful; when she know you want her to do something, she will go out of her way to please.

She's so obedient that I've actually walked out of the kitchen and she just sat there waiting until I came back!

Cube: That GS was Dax, right? My Uncle has always had Shepherds. They are wonderful, intelligent dogs.

My Mom has a Dobie. I think it's a bit low in the IQ dept, too, although sweet.

Z: You couldn't see it on the vid, but Kona was actually starting to drool when I told her OK. :)

Fortune gets her food in the living room; she is very picky and will not eat unless she is in the room with one of us. She will not eat if the floor is 'shiny' or out of a metal bowl, nor plastic. It MUST be ceramic. *sigh*

She's our big 'princess.'

beamish said...

My dog is a schnauzer-poodle crossbreed... a "schnoodle."

She's got an IQ of 235.


Brooke said...

Too smart for her own good, eh? ;)

cube said...

No, the GS I mentioned was BB. The first GS Mr. Cube & I had as a couple.

I didn't mention Dax because she was a wonderful dog who had very few flaws. She set the standard for all future dogs to fulfill and, so far, none have done so, but we won't stop looking. We love our dogs.

cube said...

Dax was one of a kind.

beamish said...

Yeah. You have to spell words to keep from triggering her Pavlovian responses. And sometimes that doesn't even work.

I love her because deep down inside she knows she's a killer. She's thinking, "I should be bigger, and pullying cavalrymen off their horses and ripping out their throats? Why'd you put bows on my ears?"

Always On Watch said...

Kona is certainly an obedient dog -- and stunning looking too.

My mother once had a pit bull that obedient, a female named Punchy. Punchy sat in a high chair at dinnertime and covered her eyes during the blessing. She wouldn't eat until given permission; Mom got her trained to take only one bite at a time if Mom said, "Take one bite."

Always On Watch said...

How old is Kona?

USA_Admiral said...

Adorable, If you can use that word when speaking about Pitt Mulls?

That is one beautiful Dane with a great name, Probably costs a fortune to feed as well.

Well trained and obedient, If only I could get my daughter to do that. ;-)

cube said...

Heh heh to USA_Admiral's comment... and I have two daughters.

Always On Watch said...

I couldn't resist posting the video at IBA. We infidels LOVE dogs!

Brooke said...

Beamish: I think that if it weren't for the fact that the human is feeding them, the dog that is 'dressed up' would gladly rip some throats.

AOW: Thanks!

Great story about your mom's dog, too!

Kona is about two or three. We can't be certain as she is a pound dog.

Thanks for the repost!

USA: Fortune isn't too bad to feed. She was actually named by her breeder... When she was a newborn her mother sat on her and broke her back leg. It cost the breeder a fortune to have fixed properly, and then she was bought by an abusive person the first year of her life and returned when she was too large to handle

. We adopted her from the breeder for the cost of driving to Cleveland. :)

I've got a daughter like that, too. Sometimes I think it will take a cattle prod to get her to comply!

Alligator said...

That look on the face said, "Mom, please quit teasing me." :)