Saturday, June 4, 2011

Constitutional Scholar and British Excellence.

OK, a twofer for today, as I couldn't decide which to go with.

First, I thought the left billed Obama as a "Constitutional Scholar."

So, then we can assume that Obama is an expert on and understands the workings of the Constitution of the United States... Probably a plus for the President and Commander in Chief, right?

So can we also assume that Obama is further revealing himself as the dictator his is by so completely disregarding that pesky Constitution that the House has to give him a bi-partisan rebuke?

Next, we have cupcakes.

Well, Operation Cupcake.

In a bit of wry British humor that can only be describes as utterly brilliant, MI6 hacked an English-language jihadi online magazine and replaced bomb making recipes with cupcake recipes featured on the Ellen Degeneres show, including a Mojito cocktail cupcake.

Please read the whole think in the link above. It is a riot!


Mr. Mcgranor said...

That means he's an expert in 'loopholes'.

Always On Watch said...

Obama knows he's in flagrant violation of the Constitution. In fact, one of his goals is to violate the Constitution.


Operation Cupcake! Isn't that hilarious and effective at the same time?

Alligator said...

The sad thing is, anyone with some knowledge of junior high civics should be able to see that so much of what transpires in the White House. But they refuse, or they are just getting used to the idea of the Constitution being circumvented in some manner.

The Left excoriated Bush over Iraq although he telegraphed his intent to the American public, got both houses of Congress and a sizable coalition to agree to it. Obama got a "coalition" of sorts to sign off on Libya but not one peep to Congress or the American people. We don't even know who we are supporting in that country and why. Why Gaddifi and not Assad in Syria? Why total silence on the Iranian freedom protests? It's just the sound of crickets on the left-run media on questions like this.

Cupcakes. Yum. I can see Ahmed and Abdul in the cave now, baking up a storm in their pinafores and turbans.

Alligator said...

As a "constitutional scholar", Obama should have published quite a few papers or articles on the subject in his academic and legal career. That's one of the requirements of being a "scholar" - you are published in your field. I'd like to read some of them and see his take on the constitution's history.

I could go to any university or major municipal library and find papers, letters, dissertations, articles or transcripts of any number constitutional scholars going back to 1787. However, you cannot find ANYTHING written by Obama. Now why is that? Why doesn't the MSM bring attention to his writings to prove to us ignorant conservatives just how smart and knowledgeable he really is? Hmmm?