Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Those People

Please watch this video. When you have finished, pick up your jaw and let's engage in a little thought experiment:

Now, imagine, if you will, this dumb cow was a white person speaking about "those people."

Hmmm... What do you suppose the outcome would be?


USA_Admiral said...

Crucified by the media?

Why is Steele laughing?

She is unbelievable.

As she said about scholarships for white people, if we have been doing it for the last 300 years why should we stop? 0bama seems to think there is more than enough money out there to waste on more government programs.

Brooke said...

Honestly, just when I think 'these people' can't make a more absurd statement, here we go.

Mr. Mcgranor said...

She seems to shatter all the aspiring individual autonomy of certain white people.

Goodbye post-racialism.

Alligator said...

Horrors. Mr. Stevens is seen as a man "not even black." Horrors.
(Wasn't that what Martin Luther King wanted to achieve?) She says when middle class and blue collar workers feel "squeezed" they blame "those people" (inferring black and brown)

Donna, you're right. We do blame "those people" who are squeezing us. However, you are wrong about who they are. "Those people" are the U.S. Congress and the Presidency.

But when we express ourselves you dismiss and demean us and try to turn it into a racial thing. Just like you did when you worked for the Clintons and you are still at it.

Brooke said...