Friday, April 29, 2011

Round Two:

Round one.

I haven't flooded out, just minor damage to the house happened after all the storms and rain. Hubby is on it.

Appropriately, while I was at work yesterday, the rain cleared and a huge, vibrant rainbow was visible through every patient's window. Dave took a pic, but it just doesn't do it justice:


Z said...

I'm glad you guys are okay!
Good that the rainbow appeared so clearly and beautifully; it's nice to remember there's always something good after disaster.
God bless those people who're suffering so badly.

Always On Watch said...

Glad to hear that you're okay.

Maybe the picture doesn't show all the glory, but that rainbow is beautiful.

We had some storms here where I live, but nothing like what happened not so far from us.

DirtCrashr said...

Rainbows are hard to take pictures because it's sheer light - glad that the devastation didn't get you.

Brooke said...

AOW, Z: I live right next to the Great Miami River beneath a dam, and let me tell you it STILL looks scary!

That said, because of the dam we live in a funky little pocket that is not in a flood plane!

The flashing on our house peeled off in one of the high wind and rain bouts, but the roof appears to be intact. Dave is in the process of reattaching said damage.

Truly, we are let off easy compared to those in KY, Al, and the like. We have to keep them in our prayers.

The rainbow was almost biblical after the swollen rivers, road and the like! Whew!

DC: Thanks for the visit, and you are correct; pics just do not do the real thing justice! Thanks, too, for your concern!

Keads said...

Glad you are OK!

Brooke said...

Keads: Thanks. :)

beamish said...

Love the Keynes v. Hayek throwdown part 2!!! :)

It's been raining insanely here. I'm betting on a good size flood here in St. Louis by summer, with all the snow the northern midwest got this past winter and all the rain now... it could be 1993 all over again.

They're already getting ready to blow up levees in southern Missouri and purposely flood out some farmland because they're skeered Cairo, Illinois is going to flood instead. It's causing a big ruckus.

Brooke said...

I'm glad you're still above water! The weather has been similar here: Wet winter and deluged spring.

It's raining here today in the Ohio valley, AGAIN. Ugh. We're at least 14 inches above annual levels at this point. I'm starting to consider installing paddles in every room of the house.

Glad you like KvH! It's catchy, unless you're a lefty. ;)

Brooke said...


My daughter's fourth grade teacher is playing Round Two in social studies class tomorrow after Aileen insisted I email her a link.

When I asked Aileen which economist she thought made more sense, she said that the guy with the glasses did.

'At's my girl. ;)