Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Putting their hands down the pants of little girls... For YOUR SAFETY. The blue shirt is the new brown shirt:

Seriously, is this what we have come to? Molesting little girls because we are afraid of profiling (which works) and thus offending a few Islamists?

If anyone did this to my five-year-old, uniform or not, they would be in need of serious medical attention.


USA_Admiral said...

That is why I will never fly again.

A vast number of Americans gave up their freedom just for a warm fuzzy feeling of security.

beamish said...

"Fighting wars in Islamic countries will only create terrorists among people we should never profile at the airport bzzt bzzt" - RoboLeftist

Brooke said...

USA: I really do want to visit Hawaii once more. :(

Beamish: And all the little leftist said, Amen.

Whittlin' Man - formerly "Lawman" said...

To paraphrase a famous quote: "Those who give up freedom for security have neither."

This is the principle reason I no longer use air travel.

We, as a Nation, have lost our collective good sense. Last time I checked, little old ladies, five year old children, and Medal of Honor recipients did not fly three airplanes into the Towers and Pentagon.

Personally, I don't give a ratz azz if a few turban wearers get their loincloths in a bunch over profiling. Right or wrong, profiling has helped law enforcement agencies world wide to capture criminals and prevent widespread illegal activities.

Brooke said...

Profiling WORKS, period, the end.