Tuesday, April 5, 2011


Hey, all.

Between dealing with my work schedule, schooling/ect. issues with children and a few minor health issues, I just have not had the time to post. I will try to read/post when possible! I may comment more than post, or just post stuff that tickles me instead of getting too heavy.

Although, before I go today I must point out that 60% of US military deaths have occurred in Afghanistan SINCE Obama's inauguration in 2009... And there has been nary a peep from our glorious midstream media.


USA_Admiral said...

I here ya. I have been posting light myself.

Get better and just keep taking care of business.

That is a disturbing 0bama trend. I bet 0bama believes the only good U.S. soldier is a dead one.

Chuck said...

Obama lied, people died.

Here's hoping things go better for you.

Keads said...

Hope it gets better for you! Missed ya!

Alligator said...

Brooke take care. Sounds like a day on the range and busting a few cans or punching targets would be in order for a little break.

Some leftists I know are really in meltdown over Obama's actions in Afghanistan and now his involvement in Libya. At least they are consistent in their views. Others are prone to think the things they excoriated Bush for, are perfectly fine when the O does the same thing. These are confusing times for many.

Alligator said...

Just saw this on another site and had to plagiarize it. Great comparison! It says volumes about the hypocrisy of the Left.

"This intervention could wind up being Barack Obama's finest hour. His intentions are pure — this is a humanitarian mission, not blood for oil. We've got a coalition with us, the United Nations, the Arab League. And the diplomacy has truly been masterful — future military planners will surely use Obama's Libya template as a guide."
— NBC chief foreign correspondent Andrea Mitchell on Meet the Press, April 1.


"It's terrible that Saddam Hussein is butchering his people, but the United States simply cannot send in the Marines to take on every dictator. And, while the Bush administration likes to brag about the 30 nations in their coalition, it will be the United States that does most of the fighting in Iraq. I fear this is the wrong war at the wrong time and in the wrong place."

— Andrea Mitchell talking about the Iraq war on Meet the Press, April 1, 2003.

Brooke said...

Geez, the power of proofreading... How many times can I use the word post in one paragraph?


The schooling stuff is regarding my son.

Work is work!

The health stuff is no biggie; a bit of elevated cholesterol and an extra five pound. Ugh. Also, a knee I hurt at work three months ago is no better, so my time this week has been chewed up with work comp and pre authorizations, ect.

Gator, that is a brilliant find!

Always On Watch said...

I might as well be on hiatus this week, too. Too much going on here at home for me to want to spend much time on the 'puter.

WomanHonorThyself said...

take it easy girl...but hurry back..lol miss ya when u aint around the campus!:)

beamish said...

I'll be pulling the plug on my blog on the 17th. New job is gonna kill my time for blog maintenance.

Will be replaced with something, not sure what yet. Probably just a music player. :P

I'll still be lurking and commenting as neccessary :D

Sam Huntington said...

Be well, Brooke ...

BATMAN said...

Hope all gets better soon :)