Sunday, February 6, 2011


First let me just say that I am against 'artistic renditions' of the National Anthem. Sing it like it is written; this song is not a podium to further your career upon.

That hacks me off.

THIS hacks me off more:



USA_Admiral said...

I can't believe how stoned or stupid that wench is! A sad day in America.

Alligator said...

I remember Jose Feliciano back in 1968, was the first to stir controversy with the anthem. That was followed by Jimi Hendirx at Woodstock in 69. It seems like since then, every artist has tried to do their own rendition and outdo their predecessors. Some renditions are okay, some not. Sometimes I am left wondering if it means anything to these people singing at these events or if it is just another gig.

Actually, the anthem was played slightly differently at various periods in time. For example, when you reproduce it with 1820s instruments and tempo, it sounds quite a bit different than it did in the 1850s and it changed again even in the Civil War. I am talking instrumentals here, like military bands.

Sam Huntington said...

That was horrible. I agree with your point of view on this. Is this the best we can do?

Adding you to my blog roll; I should have done it long before now.

beamish said...

I didn't mind the styling. Would have been better if had she got the lyrics right.

Even better if the stadium were open and the jet fighter flyover was real.

Chuck said...

Very poor choice for a singer.

My wife and I were talking about how we get tired of hearing singers trying to jazz it up. You're right, it seems like another concert to me. Makes you wonder if she screwed it up by concentrating too much on style.

I personally think most high school kids do a better job at high school football games. They may not have the clarity or range of voice but singing it is an honor to them.

Always On Watch said...

I cringed when she was singing last night.

Not only did she flub the words, she turned out National Anthem into soul music. Over at Gateway Pundit, one commenter used the term "ghettofied."

Brooke said...

Ghettofied indeed!

The stylizing irks me, but screwing up the lyrics? REALLY?!?

That, and that big hairy dude on the Steeler's side hopping around like he was warming up... Ugh.

The 'flyover' was irritating, too. Heh.

cube said...

Where's Kate Smith when you need her?

I predict that the next artist that sings the National Anthem without the "stylized" vocals, will get a standing ovation not only in the stands, but from most living rooms in America. I think we're pretty much fed up with the ghettofication of the song.

Aguilera went one step beyond... she messed up the lyrics. Inexcusable for a professional. My daughter sings the National Anthem for many of her high school games and she's never forgotten the lyrics.