Sunday, February 27, 2011


It's been almost a week since I've posted on anything.

Don't get me wrong; there are plenty of things to post about. Saudi 'students' plotting assassination against our presidents. (Curiously, not the present one.)

***Why are we still letting Saudi 'students' into the country nearly a decade after 9-11, especially when they keep on trying to kill us? Just sayin'.***

Felons bleed the taxpayers for even more of our hard earned dollars over trivial nonsense. I guess they have a right to porn while incarcerated.

Even worse, not only does Nero fiddle while the economy burns and the entire Middle East and China is on fire, but the royalty is having a Mooootown par-teh and sucking down baby back ribs.

Well, they can, but not us plebes. We have to eat carrot sticks, or whatever food isn't being burned. 

I just can't make myself care. I feel like I'm falling into a rut. 

Have some Paladin as a palate cleanser:


WomanHonorThyself said...

***Why are we still letting Saudi 'students' into the country nearly a decade after 9-11, especially when they keep on trying to kill us? Just sayin'...o yes!..I'm in the rut with ya Brooke but keep plowin girl...we need to keep the fight strong! (HUGS)

Always On Watch said...

I've been so busy that I barely have time to post. Computer issues!

Clearly, we are being inundated by stories worth blogging. In fact, we can't keep up if we sit and blog 24/7.

Chuck said...

Yeah, the world is still a mess

Alligator said...

Well, Brooke the problem for all us "average folks" seems to be that we get busier and busier trying to keep our heads above water, and do the right thing. Mr. Obama and like minded progressives are just like little kids, tearing down an elaborate tinker-toy set up (remember those?) just as fast as they can. There is so much happening so fast, it is breathtaking and hard to keep up with.

More so than a political or economic issues we are facing, I believe it is a moral - spiritual issue. That's why so many empty suits or sinister movers and shakers can get so much mileage. A lot of people have lost their foundation, their moorings and are drifting on the current.

Wesley 'Whitey Lawful' Mcgranor said...

The discretion of the sheriff was questionable.

Anonymous said...

Brooke, do what I do. When I feel as though I’m wasting my time, I just pick up a copy of the New York Times and within a short time, I am so pissed … writing just flows out of my fingers as though I am being conducted by Ignazio Albertini. Either that or kick at my Rhodesian Ridgeback, which is never advisable.

USA_Admiral said...

I understand completely.

It will drive you mad watching the things going on today.

Brooke said...

I've got a couple of 12 hour shifts; BRB on Wed. :)

Alligator said...

Trying to get the drop on Paladin was like mucking around with the G. You don't mess with Richard Boone.

Oh my gosh, the word verification was "Rufies"

beamish said...

This is a top-nawtch Brooke post.

Just enough juxtaposition of political eye-rollers and pop cultural references to keep us coming back :)

cube said...

We all get the mehs every now and then.

Brooke said...

Angel: It's common sense.

AOW: Sorry about your tech issues; that sucks!

I sit down on my days off and feel like I don't know where to start!

Chuck: Yep.

Gator: I remember Tinker Toys, and agree!

Paladin is awesome, and Boone is brilliant.

Rufies? HA!

Wesley: Most HGWT stories aren't just black and white.

Mustang: My head would explode were I to pick up the Times, mostly from wasting the money on it!

Kicking my Dane would be equally inadvisable. :)

USA: I'm there.

Beamish: Thanks? ;)

Cube: I've had a raging case of it lately.

cube said...

You're not alone. Lately, the news has been very despiriting.

But cheer up, the Obamas are having another party.