Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Video Killed the Radio Star?


I, for one, am no one's grammy. I have been otherwise occupied from blogging with a father who was wrecked into and sustained a broken collarbone, three kids who haven't had much school due to ice storms, my own work schedule, ect.



USA_Admiral said...

Lady, you are almost too busy for one person. There is no easy cure for snow days.

I hope you get things back in a reasonable order. I also hope everyone gets better soon.

As for me, I have no reasons other than 0bama burn out.

Take it easy.

Brooke said...

You, too.

I will confess to some Obama burnout as well!

Keads said...

Yeah, the Obama thing is adding insult to injury. On top of that the DNC convention is coming here next year! Ouch!

Take care young lady!

BATMAN said...

Blogging seems to have taken a backseat to "micro" blogging...which lets you cover more topics in less time. Twitter is great for that.

BTW, who is this Obama you guys speak of?

Always On Watch said...

You sound as if you're ovewhelmed. I fully understand that feeling!

Hoping that your father is healing well. A broken collarbone is so painful.

Chuck said...

Life happens sometimes.

Hope things start going better.

Anonymous said...

Well, all these other mugs won't say it, but I will. Brooke, you deserve a pay raise. To whom shall I address my letter of recommendations?

Semper Fi

cube said...

Brooke: Sorry to hear about your dad. My father broke his clavicle when he was young and he said it was quite an ordeal. Wishing your pop a speedy recovery.

As far as the kids go, throw DVDs and videos their way and don't feel guilty about it. You deserve some down time for yourself.

I recall critics sounding the death knell for blogging for years now. I never listen to the critics. I always said I'd keep blogging until I didn't enjoy it anymore.

I must say that it has become less fun since Obama got elected. Every day there is a litany of things going wrong... I often get the feeling of, "Where do I start?"

That's when I post something completely different. BTW your kids will enjoy my most recent post.

Alligator said...

Brooke, family first! Take a breather, and all the best to you and yours.

WomanHonorThyself said...

taker easy girl hurry back!

Brooke said...

One more 12 hour shift tomorrow and I'm done for three days!

Keads: Dems abounding in the streets? Noooo...

AOW, Cube: My dad had the surgery to repair the clavicle yesterday, which was broken in the middle right where the seatbelt would lie. He came away with a pin and plate and a load of pain pills.

The shoulder had a previous injury from about a decade or so ago, but I think he will do just fine with some PT.

Chuck: Thanks!

Mustang: I could kiss you!

The pay raise should be presented to my boss, and good luck! You'll probably have to force it with the way the floor does their insane budgeting!

Cube: I get that feeling, too. With so much going on, there is a feeling of malaise!

Now, there is whispering of the Obama administration stirring the pot in Egypt!!!

I'll check out your latest post asap!

Gator: And right back at you!

Angel: You, too!

beamish said...

Bloggers blog and twits Twitter.

Z said...

Good luck with all you do, Brooke...I hope your dad's feeling better soon. xxx