Friday, February 18, 2011

Land of Confusion

Hat tip to Beamish for the title.

Sooo... Let me get this straight...

While union thugs in Wisconsin who don't want to contribute to their own retirement like you and I must truck in clueless students to protest for them, state police are sent out to track down AWOL leftist Dems to do their jobs. An independent reporter even finds one at a resort in Illinois:

Meanwhile, Michael Moore Tweets that Madison is the 'new Cairo', and Jimmy Carter tells us that the Muslim Brotherhood is really not that bad:

Its just another day... 


BATMAN said...

I'd love to only pay 12.8% of my salary for healthcare coverage. These Unions are all about extortion.

Keads said...

PLUS the salary for a senior teacher is over 100K a year! I work three jobs 12 months a year and don't come close! Sheesh!

USA_Admiral said...

How right on that is too.

The country is turning its self inside out since 0bammy went to the wretched hive of villainy and scum.

I wish they would put the heat on the teachers here in Florida too. I don't have a very high opinion of teachers because they are moronic union drones.

cube said...

It's sheer insanity. Insanity, I tell you! Nothing makes sense anymore.

beamish said...

And so, union political activities and contributions are tax deductible even as they lobby politicians to have non-union people pay higher taxes to finance union political activities and contributions.

I'm thinking this will only perpetuate the impending elimination of the Democratic Party from national politics.

Go ahead, Obama, endorse something else :)

Always On Watch said...

What we are presently witnessing in Wisconsin is the battle between the elitists (Obama's adherents and the unions) and those taxpayers who must foot the bill for the elitists' privileges.

State after state and local government after local government are in or soon will be the sinking boat of unsustainable budgets as the new fiscal year approaches.

I cannot stress enough how important the outcome of this "insurrection" in the Midwest is for the future of all Americans in whatever state.

Always On Watch said...

PS: Mr. AOW and I pay well over 50% of our income in health insurance premiums.

I resent in the extreme ever tax dollar I pay to my local government, which gives all public employees a huge break on health insurance premiums.

Indeed, I feel the same way about my federal tax dollars. All of us who are not federal workers are subsidizing the lifestyle of federal workers.

And the pyramid has inverted -- as shown by the graphic at my web site.

Z said...

it's really rich when that politician says the people haven't had a chance to understand the bill...why's that matter only when DEMS want to win?
As for Jimmy "I can't hate Jews enough" Carter...his Board of Directors walked out after he wrote his last "hate Israel First" book, so should the world; put ol' Massa Carter behind us, satan.

WomanHonorThyself said...

hey Brooke..Its just another day... Insanityville!

Chuck said...

Word is the GOP is going to do this in other states. We do live in interesting times.

Brooke said...

Jeff: Taking money from a man's wages without his consent and applying it to political means?

It's a leftist's dream!

Keads: Tell me about it! Union or welfare, baby!


USA: ALL unions should feel heat! There is a time and a place to protect the individual worker, but the modern union has become just another business!

Cube: Mirror Universe, baby!

Beamish: Heheheheheh. It seems everything Obama touches nowadays turns to lead.

AOW: This will be a defining moment. Will fiscally responsible legislators go along to get along, or will they draw the line here, and no further?

As for the insurance, I understand your rage. As a STNA at a hospital, I see patients who receive their health care from the gov't paid 100%. They are content to sit in a hospital room for literally days and sometimes weeks on end when they really are not that ill.

You or I would be sweating bullets about the cost AFTER the premium, the deduct, ect... ESPECIALLY you guys who pay so dearly against your premium.

I see little difference... We subsidize welfare recipients/gov't employees.

Z: I keep waiting for Carter to SHUT UP. Surely he has an agent or handler or SOMETHING?!?

Angel: I had no idea you were an Oingo Boingo fan! ;)