Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Instant Death

I live a stone's throw from Dayton. I find it incomprehensible that something like this could go on for so long and so close to home!

From this source:

DAYTON — Two Dayton residents have been accused of keeping a elementary-school aged girl locked in an apartment for six years, letting her out only to go to school.
Brian G. Hart, 50, and his wife Rivae L. Hart, 49, have been in the Montgomery County Jail since Jan. 27. They were indicted Feb. 4 on charges of kidnapping — a first degree felony punishable by up to 10 years in prison — and third-degree felony child endangering, punishable by up to five years in prison.
“There’s no viable explanation,” said Dayton Sgt. Larry Tolpin.
A common pleas judge set a $50,000 bond for both Harts on Tuesday, Feb. 8.
The girl, now 9, is the biological maternal granddaughter of Rivae Hart. The Harts were legal guardians of the girl and her 8-year-old brother since 2004, said Ann Stevens, spokesperson for Montgomery County Job and Family Services.
Four children lived at the family’s apartment at 4825 Hassan Circle, including the victim, her brother, and the Harts’ two biological sons, who are 12 and 14, Stevens said. All of those children are in foster care, she said.
The girl told a school nurse about her captivity, and the nurse contacted children services, Tolpin said.
Stevens said children services opened a case on Jan. 18. She said the girl was singled out for the treatment.
Tolpin said the girl was locked in a bathroom, barricaded behind two dressers, from the time she came up from school until the time she left again the next morning.
“Meals were inconsistent at best and basically the living conditions were deplorable,” Tolpin said.
The girl slept on a fold-up cot with a blanket but no pillow, Tolpin said.
The Harts told police that they started locking up the girl when she started exhibiting behavioral problems at age 3, Tolpin said.
However, a psychologist examined the girl back then and said her actions were normal for a 3-year-old, though the Harts disagreed, Tolpin said.
The Harts gave statements to police that corroborated key parts of the girl’s story, Tolpin said.
The girl is in the fourth grade and her development is normal Tolpin said. Earlier this month, a common pleas judge ruled she was competent to testify before the grand jury.
Apparently, the girl confided with some adults when she was in the first grade, but nothing happened, so she had a distrust toward adults, Tolpin said.
She was even locked in during weekends, Tolpin said. She would be allowed out of the bathroom during special occasions, such as when relatives were visiting, but police believe the last time was at Christmas 2007, Tolpin said.
The Harts have little history with the criminal justice system, according to records in Dayton Municipal Court and Montgomery County Common Pleas Court.
There was an investigation in 1998 after their then-2-year-old biological son arrived at Children’s Medical Center with seizures and minor bruising. The Harts told police that they believed the bruising came from a dog leash the boy liked to play with, according to the police report.
Tolpin said the Harts were never charged in that situation. The boy had developmental and physical disabilities that might have resulted in those injuries, he said.

This is beyond belief. I find it unfathomable that family would not know about this, that the girl in question slipped through the cracks so many times, that a sibling presented to a medical facility with signs of abuse, ect... And we must assume that the PARENTS were so shitty that the shitty GRANDPARENTS were given these children to abuse for over half a decade?

I don't know what to say. Thanks, Progs!


BATMAN said...

Disgusting. CPS seems to let the ones that need help slip by, then come down on those parents that are innocent.

Always On Watch said...


What is WRONG with people.

I agree with the sheriff's statement:

“There’s no viable explanation,” said Dayton Sgt. Larry Tolpin.

Always On Watch said...

Note the address:

4825 Hassan Circle

cube said...

Like you, I can only wonder how bad the parents were that the cretin grandparents were awarded custody of these poor children.

What is the world coming to?

Z said...

that poor child

beamish said...

shoot to kill

Brooke said...

Jeff: I have heard of many such tales from CPS. They are, of course, immune from being sued for their incompetence, too.

AOW: No, none! I would rather surrender a child I could not handle than treat one so badly! Of course, they probably enjoyed a stipend for being a foster parent too well to do that.

Heh, to the addy.

Cube: I have never understood giving a child of a crappy 'parent' to a grandparent. Sure, there is the occasional black sheep, but generally the apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Z: Yes! Now we have another damaged person.

Beamish: Amen and pass the ammo!

USA_Admiral said...

It seems more and more evil is being permitted in the world today.