Monday, November 3, 2008

Tomorrow is the big day! We don't know which way the election will go, but I'm getting ready to do my part.

By now you've probably heard that Obama's project-dwelling aunt is here illegally. She's been doing the work that other Americans don't want to do, I suppose. 

I found out while watching Fox News this morning. Not expecting to hear a peep from the others in the midstream media, I Googled Obama's aunt illegal under news.

This is result I got: 

Not ONE story by any U.S. news source. Every single top result was foreign... Gulf Daily News Bahrain, The Australian, Telegraph UK, Xinhua....

The rest of the world including communist China has freer access to information about Obama than the average American voter!

I also wanted to post about a sad story of what happens to people under the nanny-state mentality.

From this source, all emphasis mine:

EL PASO -- A man who jumped 60 feet to his death from the Spaghetti Bowl on Thursday left a note with a message for Democratic presidential candidate Sen. Barack Obama.

A note to "Obama" was found in the man's car, which was parked on the top ramp of the Spaghetti Bowl.

Officials offered no further explanation nor interpreted the note's meaning.

About 7:45 a.m., police responded to a report that the 52-year-old El Paso man had jumped off the uppermost ramp of the Spaghetti Bowl. His body was found on I-10 west just before the Copia Street exit. His name was not released.

Police spokesman Darrel Petry said Crimes Against Persons investigators were investigating the death as a suicide.


Police were also seen on Ramp F, the top ramp of the Spaghetti Bowl, next to the white four-door sedan, which was parked unattended. The ramp connects I-10 west to the Bridge of the Americas and Paisano Drive.

Police confirmed that the man left behind a note that read, "Obama take care of my family."

How utterly pathetic. 

Finally, a good scare for you the day before elections:

As I recall, the last government to install a 'civilian security force' in a time of economic downturn to 'ensure national security' was Germany...

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