Monday, November 17, 2008

Star Trek: WOW.


I'm not an original Trek fan. That is my hubby's arena. NOTHING pisses me off more than original cast member cameos into other Trek series. I don't want it. No thanks. The only thing that makes Original Trek tolerable to me is Spock, and THAT'S IT.

I'm a TNG and primarily a DS9 fan. (Enterprise up until the lame-*ahem* Temporal Wars thing, and as far as I'm concerned Voyager is a Highlander Two... It never happened.)

It's cold tonight... Lows in the low 20's with hard wind chills... But my thoughts of Trek opening up in May will be keeping me warm! 

((((BTW... You "purist" nerds that whine down your nose about the "timeline" and continuity... STFU. This is gonna be an awesome flick, and after YEARS of dog Trek movies, don't we deserve one? Sit back and enjoy the ride. If you start to feel the urge to complain, think about how LAME the whole B-4 thing was and chill.))))

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