Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Don't Piss Down My Neck...

Fabulous! Now they're actually pissing on us instead of simply doing it with legislation!

(UPI) – A Jersey City, N.J., city councilman said he has sworn off alcohol after being accused of urinating on a crowd at a Washington nightclub.

City Councilman Steven Lipski, 44, said Sunday he has given up alcohol for good after the "deeply humiliating, very embarrassing" incident at the 9:30 nightclub Friday, the New York Daily News reported Monday.

Deeply humiliating and embarrassing? Huh. I wonder how the folks that got pissed on felt? 

The two-term Democrat was charged with simple assault after club staffers allegedly caught him in the act of urinating from a second-floor balcony and onto the crowd below at about 9:50 p.m.

However, sources said Lipski has been telling colleagues club staffers were mistaken and it was a spilled drink that fell onto the revelers, not his urine.

"I spoke to one of his contributors this morning, and he's denying the whole thing," the source told the Daily News. "He's telling people he spilled a drink. It's ridiculous. He's already said he's not resigning. He's telling people that."

Why should Lipski resign? He's a Democrat; standards don't apply to him. He'll just say he's a victim of alcoholism and it wasn't his fault. He just needs counseling, not personal responsibility. 

Take note, peeps. The next time you party with a Dem, you'd better be wearing one of these:

I think I'll have a Martini, and you can bet I won't be pissing on anyone. 

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