Monday, November 17, 2008

The Religion of Misogyny

What does a man do when it just isn't enough to "marry" and "consummate" with a pre-teen girl, all the while keeping her under a burlap sack and beating her if she looks at him wrong?

Why, you can have her blow herself up for Allah, of course!

From this source, all emphasis mine: 


isam Adwan, who is accused of grooming young and vulnerable women for bomb attacks, has told police in Baquba that so many 

others are following her lead that they will not be able to stop them.

Last week a suicide bomber who blew herself killing five Iraqi guards at a checkpoint was revealed by police to have been just 13 years old - making her the 

youngest such attacker so far in a spate of such bombings in the city, capital of the troubled Diyala province.


Captain Ahmed Jasim, a spokesman for the Baquba police, said that the 38-year-old had described how a group of women, mainly widows of terrorist "martyrs", who are grooming younger relatives and acquaintances for death.

"She said she is just one of many mothers who do the same job," he said. "And there are many girls who are willing to die. The mothers tell them that they will go to heaven, where they will sit by rivers of honey and have lunch with the prophet Mohammad and live in comfort.

Now there's an incentive for blowing one's self up... Lunch with an insane pedophile. 

"The girls are the wives of al-Qaeda members, so their husbands tell them that their martyrdom would be glorious and the husbands too will automatically get to heaven as a result of their wives willingness to kill themselves in the name of religion."

That's right. Molest them until they hit puberty and then dispose of them, and get yourself a free ride to Allah's brothel in the sky, too. Sounds like a win-win situation, huh? 

Rania Ibrahim, a 15-year old who was captured at a checkpoint wearing a suicide vest in Diyala in August, is one of those pushed into terrorism in this way. She was a frustrated, poorly-educated teenager who had been sold into marriage with a terrorist operative. Umm Fatima, her husband's aunt, then cajoled her into attacking a police station.

"I left school at 11 and my mother spent the rest of the time trying to find a buyer to marry me," she said. "I wanted to be a doctor but my husband said he wanted me to go to paradise, where he would soon join me."

Her mother was finding a BUYER for her daughter! But Islam respects women, or so they say. Don't be a doctor, sweetie, be a homicide bomber. Now that's a career choice!

Oh, and I wouldn't hold my breath in paradise waiting for that kind, caring and respectful husband to join me... Just a gut feeling. 

But Rania, who claimed she was fed pills and alcohol before her attack, attracted the suspicions of police at the check-point. She was called forward and the police cut the belt from her body. Umm Fatima, who is believed to have held the remote electronic trigger for the device, was unable to explode the bomb.

That's right... Muslim cabbies cannot pick up disabled people with seeing eye dogs or persons carrying alcohol, but you can give it to a teenage girl before you murder her. 

Rania is now in prison in Baquba but her mother, Bassad Selman Mohana, lives in a dilapidated house near the centre of the once neat and prosperous central Iraqi city. She said she felt betrayed and deceived by her son-in-law, Mohammad Hassan, who was himself arrested a month after his young wife was taken into custody.

"My daughter is a good girl and I thought he was a good man," she said. "Around here, everyone makes price the first factor in determining who the girls marry. He deceived me, I did not know he was involved with al-Qaeda."


"When Muslim land is occupied by non-believers, jihad is mandatory for all Muslims, male and female," said Dr Hani al-Sibai, a London-based Islamist Sunni scholar. "Women are allowed to conduct jihad without the approval of parents or spouse."

Well, hoody-hoo. I guess Muslim women have some civil rights after all. 

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