Monday, May 5, 2008

The Sunny Side of Dhimmitude...

...Is that folks may
finally be getting sick of it!

Boris Johnson, the conservative candidate for Mayor of London won out over dhimmi asshat Ken Livingstion in his Muslim pandering suit:

From this source

The Conservative candidate's win over Ken Livingstone followed a calamitous showing for Labour at the local elections - the party's worst performance at the polls for 40 years.

Mr Johnson's landmark victory, a result that would have been almost unthinkable six months ago, was the most symbolic blow to Mr Brown's authority on a day that left the Prime Minister facing the gravest crisis of his leadership.

By taking City Hall, Mr Johnson becomes the first Tory politician to hold a senior role in British politics since the party was swept out of power in 1997. His win provided a significant boost to David Cameron's bid for victory at the next general election.

In the local elections, Labour lost more than 300 councillors and slumped to a humiliating third place behind the Liberal Democrats in the share of the vote – a full 20 points behind Mr Cameron's Conservatives.

There may be hope for the Brits yet... 

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