Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Listen Up, Feminazis!

If you could pull yourselves off the abortion table for a few moments, someone out there could use your help! 

Tehran, 27 May (AKI) - A top
 Iranian cleric from the northeast, Ayatollah Ahmad Elmalhoda, has reportedly called feminists "whores
 and foreign spies". 

"These whores, clutching a piece of paper in their hands to gather signatures, are working for foreign powers and want to destabilise the Islamic Republic," said Elmalhoda.
He is the highly influential prayer leader in the northeastern holy Shia c
ity of Mashad.

Elmalhoda has called on the government to "intervene
 decisively against these whores, because it is improper to leave them to act with impunity."
A few weeks ago, Elmalhoda said women who do not wear
 the Islamic veil as instructed "turned men into animals."

Verbal attacks against
 feminists in Iran are also being accompanied by a vast judicial offensive. 
Eight feminists involved in a campaign to gather "a
 million signatures in favour of equality" were recently given jail terms of various lengths and sentenced to public floggings.
The Iranian authorities have in the last two weeks censured twelve websites close to the
 feminist movement.

Elmalhoda, YOU LITTLE TROLL!!! A "whore" is a
 woman who sells sex for money. These women simply want to be able to have some measure of control over
 their own lives.

The men who don't like
 seeing their women live as potato-sack covered chattel don't fare much better in

TEHRAN (AFP) - A male defender of the feminist cause in Iran has been sentenced to a year in prison, the moderate Kargozaran newspaper reported on Monday.

Amir Yaqoubali is a supporter of the "One Million Signatures" petition campaign launched in June 2006. According to a feminist website, he was arrested as he collected signatures.

But don't worry, feminazis. I'm sure they'll work all that out for themselves...You just worry about getting Mr. "Audacity of Hope" elected. 

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