Thursday, April 10, 2008

Nanny State Says: No Sazerac

Aren't you glad we have such a benevolent Nanny State to save us all from ourselves? 

From this source, all emphasis mine:

BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) - A proposal to honor the New Orleans cocktail known as the Sazerac has gone down the drain.

The Louisiana Senate on Tuesday rejected legislation that would have made the whiskey-based beverage the official state cocktail.

Yeah. I'm so glad that Louisiana has solved all of their problems and now they have time to spend on figuring out the state's favorite drink.

The bill's author, Sen. Ed Murray, a New Orleans Democrat, noted that the drink was created in his hometown and has become world famous. But Sen. Buddy Shaw and others said it was inappropriate to honor an alcoholic beverage.

"Is there a possibility that we could be encouraging folks, who were not intending to drink, that it would be acceptable and they could become an alcoholic?" Shaw asked.

"No," Murray replied.

Whiskey-Tango-Foxtrot!?! 'Scuse me, State Senator, but the only thing that you morons could possibly do to encourage me to become an alcoholic is to let me see how much money you take out of my paycheck! 

Unbelievable! Like I'm going to go from a teetotaler to a falling down drunk because the Louisiana Senate picked out a favorite cocktail.  THAT is what they think of us. THAT is how stupid they think we are!

Hey, moron... I'm not a child, and what's more, I'm not YOUR child!

Three other senators who spoke in opposition said the passing the bill would "send the wrong message" about the state.

What? That a whiskey cocktail created in your state is good and world famous? Honestly, as if no one else in the country has ever had a drink. Ooh, scandal. 

Perhaps I'm overreacting, but this kind of government-knows-best crap really gets under my skin.

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