Thursday, April 10, 2008

Iranian Dissatisfaction

It looks like the Iranian Muslimas are a bit unhappy between the sheets:

Tehran, 8 April (AKI) - Women's sexual dissatisfaction is the reason for 50 percent of the divorces in Iran. 

This is the finding to emerge at the third national conference entitled, Family and Procreation, held in Tehran.

The first two national conferences were entitled, Family and Sexual Health, but President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad personally intervened and ordered the term to be replaced with 'procreation'.

HA! With so much concern on the ladies as baby makers and housekeepers rather than wives and women, can these findings be surprising?

The decision to change the name of the conference angered several religious leaders like cleric Mehdi Khazali.

"I can understand our beloved president may not know the difference between procreation and sex," said Khazali.

'Scuse me... Bwaahaaahaaaaaaa!

"But it surprises me that no-one in his health ministry can distinguish between the sex that takes place between a married couple, and the decision to have a relatonship for procreation."

According to data presented at the conference from the director of the family health centre, 68.1 percent of divorced women said they had lost their sexual appetite a few months after their wedding.

Yeah. I wonder why:

Other data showed that 59.1 percent were angry every time they had sex with their husband and 66.8 percent felt used by their husbands as an instrument for sexual satisfaction, while for 63.9 percent sexual pleasure was a completely unknown concept.

I'd be pretty peeved too, if I were no better than a piece of furniture. Muslim men are told in the Quaran what the worth of a woman is, so why should they be worried about the satisfaction of their wives. Honestly...

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