Thursday, April 17, 2008


Tomorrow is the big day: I'm hopping a plane to Hawaii for a week of fun, sun, luau, historic tours, horseback riding, and maybe even a little time in a cigar bar!

My mother booked a cruise awhile back. It was her, my stepfather, my grandmother and one of her friends. 

The friend wound up being too ill to go, so the non-refundable extra ticket was offered to me. How could I resist?

Mr. Neocon is taking a week off of work to spend time with the children; something he doesn't get to do nearly as much as he would like due to his hectic work schedule.

I will be taking my iTouch. It has wi-fi, and I can read and comment on Blogger, but just not post for some reason. If I get a slow minute or two, and have a (free) wi-fi signal, I might check in. 

Not to worry, though. NeoCon Command will not be totally boarded up...While I'm gone, Mr. Neocon will be equipped with the troll vacuum down the sidebar, and he has been well-trained on how to use it.

See you next Saturday! 

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