Thursday, January 24, 2008

News Flash: Democrats Are Racist/Sexist!

I know, I know... You're sitting in front of your computer, eyes wide, thinking, "What? How can that be? Aren't Democrats supposed to be the party of tolerance, inclusive, colorblind and accepting of people's differences? Isn't it the right that are stodgy racist bastards? That is what the left is always telling us..."

Well listen to what the supposed "first black President" had to say about the enlightened voters pulling the donkey-lever:

Voting for president along racial and gender lines "is understandable because people are proud when someone who they identify with emerges for the first time," the former president told a Charleston audience while campaigning for his wife.

There you go, folks. A Democratic former President has just given you permission to vote for the candidate that looks the most like you.

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