Wednesday, January 30, 2008


McCain?!? Really?

What the hell is wrong with you, Florida?!?

This guy is not a conservative; he's barely even a RHINO!

McCain is Hillary with testicles and shorter hair. They could run on the same ticket, for the love of Pete!

Do you really want to have to choose from a liberal or a liberal in November?

Remember McCain/Lieberman? McCain/Feingold? McCain/Kennedy? The Gang of Fourteen?!?

Have you ever heard of McCain's nasty temper? He's an angry man! 

The GOP had better get ready to go the way of the Whig party if McCain gets the nomination, and we true conservatives had better get ready to survive under the cloaked communism that is the leftist Democratic party and RHINOs that are willing to 'cross the aisle' and do business with them.

Listen up, America! If there are any conservatives left out there, you'd better get it together on Super Tuesday and all the following primaries. 

My primary is on March fourth, and I'll write in Captain Kirk if I must! 

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