Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Grab Your Popcorn... It's a Leftist Mud Wrestling Event!

Watching the Dems flopping the race/class/sexism cards they usually reserve for the bigoted, hate-mongering right has been very amusing! 

We are seeing the MSM conspicuously ignore stories they would have beaten like a dead horse were it coming from the right, from "big girls don't cry," to "Obama not doing the spadework" and Billy Boy the Former Philanderer in Chief being more black because... Well, he's been with more blacks...

And let's not forget the Breck Girl's $400 haircut "poverty tour!"

It's a comedy gold mine!

Did anyone hear the opening "Uncivil War" monologue of Rush's show yesterday? It was quite possibly one of the finest moments of radio I've ever heard!

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