Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hey, He's Got A Timetable!

Hey, good news! We're going to have peace in the Middle East... Again...

From this source, all emphasis mine:

RAMALLAH, West Bank - President Bush on Thursday predicted that a Mideast peace treaty would be completed by the time he leaves office (Yes, we'd better hurry up with that so the Palys can start wiping their asses with it.) , but undercut that optimism with harsh criticism of Hamas militants who control part of the land that would form an eventual independent Palestine.

Once again, Palestine

Bush said he's convinced that both Israeli and Palestinian leaders understand "the importance of democratic states living sid

e by side" in peace, and noted that he has a one-year deadline for progress on his watch.-

"I'm on a timetable," he told reporters. "I've got 12 months."

Oh, well as long as Bush has a timetable, I'm sure things will get done. Sure, Muslims have institutionalized the hatred and slaughter of Jews since Mohammed the Illiterate Pedophile dictated the Quaran, but I'm sure the President will somehow convince them to stop being evil assholes in the twelve months he has left.

He said he is not sure that the problem of Hamas, a militant Islamic group that took over the Gaza Strip in June, can be solved within that time frame. Hamas, he said, was elected to help improve the lot of Palestinians, but "has delivered nothing but misery."

So negotiating with them makes perfect sense. Riiiiight. Whatever happened to the Bush Doctrine? You know, the one where he states his refusal to negotiate with terrorists?!?

There is no end to where the PA ends and Hamas begins, Mr. President. If you've heard otherwise, it's taqiyya.

Some people just don't want peace:

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