Thursday, November 30, 2006

Thank You, Drive Thru.

A Rockford, Minnesota man is so far facing burglary charges after he got liquored up and grabbed two women through their bedroom windows in an effort to have sex.

The first incident occurred about midnight on Saturday, when Bryan Westerlund approached the bedroom window of a woman watching television, and stuck his hands in through the window. He reportedly asked in rather crude terms his desire for copulation.

Westerlund ran off when she began to dial 911, and fourteen minutes later he was at it again...

Less than a half-mile away, he knocked the screen out of another woman's bedroom window, thrust his hands in and grabbed her hair, saying, "I want to be with you; I want to have sex with you."

Pretty romantic stuff, huh?

The woman pulled away and bit Westerlund after he grabbed her a second time. Police picked him up shortly thereafter.

I guess he was too drunk to realize that he wasn't at a drive through, and there are some things you can't get there anyway.

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