Wednesday, November 8, 2006

Oh, Danny Boy...

This won't come as much of a surprise, but Dan Rather just doesn't know when to give up and admit he was wrong!

Dan came out yesterday and insisted yet again that the now infamous 'National Guard papers' report was accurate!

From Fox

"The story was true,"Rather, 75, told radio station WPTF-AM on Tuesday."We were vulnerable on taking responsibility for it."

"I believed it to be true or I wouldn't have put it on the air,"Rather said."There's nothing wrong with asking the tough questions of the people in power, which is what we attempted to do."

Pressed further on the authenticity of the report, Rather lashed out at radio host Donna Martinez, saying she had a political agenda.

I think it's clear that the only one with an obvious political agenda is you, Dan.

Of course, CBS is running from Dan Rather like he's on fire. Their spokesman, Kevin Tedesco had this to say to the AP:

"CBS News stands by the report the independent panel issued on this matter and to this day, no one has been able to authenticate the documents in question."

But not to worry; Dan is still working. He's got a job producing and hosting a weekly news
program starting November 14th on HD net, a small channel aimed at high-definition TV owners.

I wonder if the picture on that channel will be good enough to see Dan's pupils dilate when he makes up, er, I mean, reads the news.

Dan Rather: Failed political assassin.

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