Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Ending Double Standards: Dignity Over Degradation

It's about time!

Black leaders have challenged entertainers to end the use of the "N" word in entertainment, including comedy, movies and music. They also appealed to the public to stop throwing it about in a casual fashion.

Jessi Jackson started the conference, which was basically good, with an excellent quote:

"We want to give our ancestors a present," Jackson said at a news conference. "Dignity over degradation."


Of course, he quickly started missing the point by asking for a boycott of the seventh season DVD box set of Seinfeld.

Hey, Jackson... How about boycotting ALL media wherein the "N" word is used, including by other black people? How about Jay-Z's latest album, for instance?

Someone who DID get it was Paul Mooney, who has used the "N" word numerous times in his comedy performances, but who has now pledged to never use it again after seeing Richard's on-stage explosion.

"He's my Dr. Phil," Mooney said. "He's cured me."

**See Angel's masterful rant on this subject here!**

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