Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ryan: The Next VP!

Ladies and gentlemen, we have a ticket! 


Alligator said...

Ryan is hated, vilified and demonized by the Left. That makes him okay in my book. I would have been good with Jindal or Rubio. Allen west would have really had the Left peeing in their pants. Hopefully, this is a sign Romney is stepping up to the plate and going to really hit back at Obamanomics. I hope Romney gets really passionate about winning. I remember thinking during the McCain campaign that he really didn't want to win and in a way, I'm glad he didn't. Obama has been a real wake up call to the country. It's time for 'we the people' to decide to either poop or get off the pot.

Always On Watch said...

The attacks against Ryan are going to be ugly.

But Ryan is up to the task!

Alligator said...

Here we go. Two reasons to support the Romney/Ryan ticket -

Andrea Mitchell tells us Ryan "Not a pick for suburban moms." Really Andrea? Are you a suburban mom? Andrea wouldn't vote for a Republican if she were on fire and they were the only candidates with water.

The New Yorkie magazine (sniff, sniff) declares that "For one thing, Ryan has no significant private-sector experience." Oh geez, where was the New Yorkie when Obama ran for president?

Read more

Their endorsement is good enough for me. :)

Chuck said...

I will admit I was holding out for Rubio but I genuinely like this pick.

AOW, I think you are dead on but I think it will backfire on the Dems. I think Romney-Ryan are going to stay mostly positive (the PACs will do the dirty work) while Obama has no other choice but to get nasty. What else is there to do, run on their record? I think in the end this will harm them. Look at the recent backlash from the cancer add. Even Dems are backing off that one.

Brooke said...

You all are spot-on!

It's gonna be quite the ride, but I think this pick was a good one.

Ducky's here said...

Good short piece on Ryan

They are going to kick this guy's teeth in.

Brooke said...

If this is the guy they're sending in to kick in Ryan's teeth, good luck! I can't wait to see the VP debate!

Z said...

They're scared to DEATH of Ryan...and wait till he unleashes his wife, who's very well educated and they say is bright as they about women voters.

Ryan just needs to explain as he's doing now in ads; it's disarming and true. And they need to harp on Obama and how HE is the one cutting Medicare, not them.

Ducky...that must be that silly link about RYAN'S MILLIONS! :-)
I won't even bother to check. WHo the hell ever paid Obama that they're worth about that much?
Ryan was SO RICH from his grandpa's business that he had to take social security to get through high school and Mom had to go back to school to get educated to start a business.
I guess he stole the millions, huh? :-)

Lisa said...
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Lisa said...

Amazing how they still manage to demonize someone with no blemishes,who is smart,well educated,attractive and very nice with a beautiful family.
Oh and he is very picky about his diet,he doesn't need to do photo ops eating burgers and fries like the hypocrites residing at 1600 Pennsylvania Ave.

Oh and how dare he be white!

Anonymous said...

Earlier today, Joe Biden said the following to a predominantly black audience in Danville, Virginia: We got a real clear picture of what they all value.
Biden told his black audience that a Romney-Ryan administration
”They’re going to put y’all back in chains”.
And that wasn’t the worse, that was not even close to Rock Bottom.
You want to hear Rock bottom? In my eyes, Rick Bottom was back in November 2008 when the Main Stream Media and the Left managed to fool enough people to insert an anti-American, communist-sympathizing, bitter, friend-of-our-enemies into the Oval Office. The disgusting lies started from day 1 and are at the core of his so-called "presidency". These are bad people who know they are doing bad things. Claiming the GOP wants to reinstitute slavery is simply another day for them.
And when Rep. Andre Carson, that the Tea party wants to see blacks hanging from trees.What Republican wants to see black people lynched into a tree? The fact that no liberal can name one proves Congressman Carson's statements are blatantly false, as they usually are.
Just remember that the liberal onslaught hasn't even gotten luke warm yet, they still have over 3 months of it to go.
I must of missed the history class that the " Racist Party" was the Democrats who had Bull Connor, George Wallace, Al Gore Senior, and the Grand Master of the KKK Robert Byrd.
Joe Biden is a National disgrace but what's frightening is that he is still actually more qualified to be president than Obama. And these bleeding hearts have the GALL to disgrace a FINE Patriotic American like Paul Ryon.

Brooke said...

Z: I believe the left is terrified of Ryan.

Brooke said...

Lisa: I think this is why the left is so afraid of Romney and Ryan. There's nothing there; no skeletons, no blue dresses...

No commies or domestic terrorists in the closet...

CT: Biden, as usual, is off his nut. Can you IMAGINE running for re-election and letting that buffoon anywhere near a microphone?

I suppose the leftists count on their lapdogs in the media to brush this under the rug.

And of course we all know that the Democrat party is the party of institutionalized racism. They have a long and rich history of it. So, to point at us and say WE DID IT is par for the course.

Lisa said...

no blue dresses,lol!!!!