Thursday, August 23, 2012

Let Him Keep It.


As you all probably know, Muslim terrorist Nidal Hassan has refused to shave his beard, which has caused a delay in his military trial concerning the cold-blooded murder of 13 American soldiers and the wounding of over two dozen more.

His defense attorneys say the beard is his right; it is an expression of his Muslim faith. As Hasan is still responsible for meeting Army regulations, the judge has forbidden him from entering the courtroom, instead allowing Hasan to view the proceedings via CCTV.

So now, the judge has said that Hasan must be forcibly shorn prior to the trial.

From this source: 

Gross‘ response also told the appeals court that his order does not violate Hasan’s religious freedoms. Army rules prohibit beards, and those who join the military have agreed to give up certain personal interests over the needs of the service to maintain good order, discipline and security, according to the document.
In urging the court to deny Hasan’s appeal and to allow the trial to proceed, Gross’ response said that his order to forcibly shave Hasan ensures “that a military trial proceeds without a distracting and disruptive sideshow featuring an officer-accused flagrantly disrespecting the Army, his superiors, and the military judge.”

Well, that whole security thing certainly failed, didn't it?

You know, at first I thought, "Yeah. Hold that bastard down and shave him. Killing so many of us infidels wasn't enough, now he has to be openly defiant and disrespectful? Screw him!"

But now, after mulling it over, I think that Nidal Hasan should be allowed to keep his mangy beard. Let him be rolled into that courtroom with it. Let him show the judge and his superior officers where his loyalties truly lie.

That dog wants to make a statement? Let us hope that the judge gets the message, loud and clear. Let his beard be a visual reminder every second he sits in that courtroom.

Hell, I hope he shouts Allahu Ackbar a few more times, just to drive the point home! Let there be NO mistake!


-FJ said...

Shave him in the morning with a rusty razor following to a two hundred plus year naval tradition of disciplining surley dogs.

Brooke said...

Well, that does have promise, too.

cube said...

I say hold him down and forcibly shave him. The military doesn't need to see his mangy beard to know where his loyalties lie.

I agree with FJ about the rusty razor and would add a generous amount of high-alcohol content after shave. Heh heh.

Steve: The Lightning Man said...

Just let the prick wander into General Population. As a former MP myself, I speak from experience when I say that the "honest criminals" will alleviate the burden to the taxpayers in short order.

Always On Watch said...

As I said at another blog...

Almost three years have passed since this Islamomaniac committed mass murder at Fort Hood.


Letting this guy "work the system" emboldens like-minded Muslims.

When will we learn what the hell we are dealing with?

Brooke said...

Cube: I don't know. Sure, the people trying him know where his loyalties lie, but I think in this case letting him in there pulling his Muslim bullcrap is a lesson that needs to be learned. After all, the Army knew Hasan was unhinged for quite a while and ignored it out of PC concerns.

And I say skip straight to the 91% rubbing alcohol. :)

Steve: To bad he can't wander; they'd have to roll him there and leave him.

It sure would be nice to let the cage kickers turn their backs and let the other prisoners take care of business.

AOW: I could not agree more. They have this SOB dead to rights. There is NO question he did it. I imagine the three years was spent giving him the most lavish medical care so that he can then go to a trial, which in all honesty, is nothing more than a formality.

If the military doesn't execute him, we will be stuck with this rabid burden. If they do, he will have appeal after appeal and work the system as you said.

We live in an insane time!