Sunday, August 26, 2012

Better Then

Yes, that's right; we conservatives are idiot clingers while libs pull stunts like this:

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAAAA!!! This is almost as good as Obama's Oiho stunt!

What's next? An airplane banner that says, "Mitt, your a jerk", or "We like Barry alot."

Hello? MSM?

Yeah, didn't think so...


cube said...

For something so insignificant as birtherism, the left sure is mounting a big defense against it.

But it isn't just the birth certificate. It's everything else that BO keeps hidden... the social security number that's not from Hawaii, the school transcripts, the school funding, the dealings with Rezko, etc..

Who is this guy and why wasn't he vetted when it counted?

Brooke said...


Dems demand every record of every cent of Romney's life, but Obama can pretty much get away with murder.

Obama is their god. All of the stuff you mentioned is very critical, but the birther thing is a calculated move. It may be insignificant, but it gives leftists the ability to keep painting those on the right as batshit-crazy barefoot conspiratorial hicks. They are trying to keep pushing this into the media to deflect the REAL issues!

Let's talk about taxes in 2013. Or jobs. Or energy. Or unaccountable czars. Or stimulus and GM/Solyndra, ect . Or endless taxpayer funded vacations. Or F&F... The list goes on and on.

USA_Admiral said...

We are in a life and death battle with idiots. Idiots are dangerous and unpredictable.